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        Red Boy watched as his father ordered his subordinates, elves, to bring in his plunders; the spacious cave was almost fully occupied by the artifacts he had seized.

        “Your Majesty, where have you been again?” Mother yelled at the king of elves. “Are you leaving again after putting down all these?”

        “We don’t have much time.” The father said as he commanded the elves. “The Demons will soon be defeated by Humans. If the Humans are here, we could hardly spare efforts to collect the artifacts.”

        “So this is the only thing you ever care about! How about your family?”

        The father responded to his wife no more. He looked at Red Boy, who was hiding himself behind the pillar, trying not to get involved in the argument between his parents. The father waved at one of his subordinates, who then fetched him a metal ball from the mountain of treasures. He took the ball and tossed it to the boy. “Catch!”

        Red Boy hurriedly caught the ball. He was surprised how light the metal ball was. It was slightly vibrating, as if a gust of squall was trapped inside. On the ball, a piece of jade was embedded; simple patterns was carved to its edge.

        “There’s some sort of strange power inside. Son, see if you can — ”

        “Don’t ask our son to do something dangerous!” Mother tried to snatch the ball from Red Boy, but was stopped by Father with his hammer.


        Red Boy looked his father in the eye; his father was pleased to see Red Boy’s passionate face.

        “That’s my boy!”

        With the father’s howl came the mystical-eyed mount, which Red Boy had created. Seeing her husband leave, Mother cried, “Your Majesty! How come you treat me and your son in this way? Do you still take this place as your home?”

        “Humph! Not only this place, the whole mountain, together with the forest, is my home!” The elves assembling outside the cave were more than ready for a battle. “In the future, the whole realm will be mine!”

        However, Humans failed to defeat the Demons. The scattered Demons later invaded the kingdoms of the elves. The Potentate’s plan of looting Humans after they were devastated by wars could never be implemented. He even had to lead his elf companions to war against the Demons, leaving him no time to have a leisurely life with the elves.