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        Crater, a ragged kid, stared at a display window of a bakery. His stomach was growling. At this moment, three boys walked past him; one of the boy, wolfing down a slice of bread, noticed Crater. “Hey! What are you doing here,” the fat boy shouted fiercely.
        “Ummm…” Crater begged for mercy with a strange voice while stepping back from the bakery. “Oh he’s a mute. He must have been dumped by their parents because of this!”
        “It’s not like that! My mom and dad were killed by Demons in order to save my life!” Crater roared in his heart, but he was unable to speak it out. All he could do was whimpering. “Are you saying that I’m wrong!? Tut! Let me teach you some manners! Hey, get him!”
        The other boys grabbed Crater’s hands and held him tight. As the fat boy was about to throw a punch, a shadow made a dive for him. At first glance, Crater thought it was a giant bird. However, when he looked closer, it was actually a girl dressing in black, with a cloth bag in the back. She had pounced on the fat boy accurately.
        “Ahh! It hurts!” “Haha!! I hate bullies. As a punishment, your bread is mine now.” “You-you are the leader of those orphans! Darn it...How dare you make a fool of me! Hey, help me up!”
        The two boys let go of Crater, rushing towards the girl. She remained calm, jumped backward to dodge their attacks and kicked them down. Then, she picked up the bread, grabbed Crater’s hand and fled to a broken, abandoned house.
        “Phew...Why didn’t you fight back? You’re such a tall boy...Hey, I’m lecturing you. Why are you still laughing like an idiot...Sigh, forget it! What’s your name?” Crater looked around and wrote his name on the dirt with a stick.
        “Cra..Crater, you’re Crater.” “Um! Um!” “Good name. I’m Corvus. Likewise, I’m an orphan.” She reached out her hand to help Crater get up. His stomach was growling again. Then, Corvus tore the bread into half and handed it to him, but Crater was still hesitating.
        “My mom told me not to take people’s stuff...I’m hungry though…”
        “You’ll starve to death. Eat! In return, promise me one thing.” “Um?”
        As Crater was puzzled, Corvus whistled at someone. Soon, dozens of kids of different ages came out of the house. She gave the bread and her bag to them. “You need to join us,” Corvus smiled.
        With her invitation, Crater became one of her members. Because of his strength, they were counting on him to do all the heavy work. Helping people in need also made him feel satisfied.
        One day, Corvus was working in the village. She asked Crater to bring some logs from the woods for repairing the house. He spent a morning to do it. Suddenly, he heard someone’s scream——It was Corvus’s voice! He dropped down the logs immediately and ran to the direction. Then, he saw three men try to rape her! Corvus’s face was swelling and her mouth was bleeding. Witnessing such scene, Crater was in fury——“Nobody can hurt her!”
        He pounced on the molester madly; the other two boys were going to stop Crater, who went berserk like a beast and bit their hands to bleed.
        “It hurts!! You-you’re a monster…” The three of them were completely scared off by Crater’s ferocious look. He was trying to catch up, but Corvus stopped his move.
        “Enough, let them go. We should head back first.” Her words calmed him down. He carried her back to the abandoned house and cleanse her wounds. Corvus was grim-faced at that moment, which made Crater worry about her and touch her face. She looked a bit surprised, then said with a forced smile, “I’m fine, just thinking another stuff——”
        Suddenly, quick footsteps came from the outside. “Here they came,” she murmured.
“Umm?” “No worries. I knew they’ll be coming, just a matter of time.”
        Corvus walked out of the house with the help of Crater. There was a crowd of villagers gathering in front of the door. “We’ll not tolerate that Monster staying in the village. Leave by tomorrow morning, or we’ll show no mercy,” a village chief said as he stepped forward. “...Understood, we’ll be leaving.” After receiving the answer, the chief left with the villagers. Watching Corvus soothing the anxiety of the orphans, Crater felt guilty about his impulsiveness.
        “The children are driven out of the village all because of me. I dragged Corvus into this…”
        He burst into tears; Corvus walked up to him, touched his chins and said, “you did nothing wrong. If you weren’t there, I would have been raped by them. Being kicked out is no big deal. Humph! I don’t want to live in this poor village though! Wait and see! One day I’ll find our shelter!” Corvus’s confidence made Crater smile.
        “As long as I follow her, I’m sure we could find our own shelter!” Crater was firm about his belief, and he was looking forward to the unknown future.