Minerelves’ Record Story Ch. 4

        Along the school hallway, Jade hid at a dark corner, holding her gaze at the door of a classroom.

        “Patient. When he comes out, I’ll splash water over him and take off his shirt. Then his real identity will be exposed!”

        In order to stop Diamond, Jade’s old friend, from adventuring outside the city, she had transferred to Minerelf Girls’ School, trying to reveal Diamond’s true gender by all means.

        During the first week of the semester, she had made several attempts, but all seen through by Diamond. Jade did not give up so soon; instead her will was even tougher.

        Creak——Door was opened; Dazzling light shone over the place. Such kind of rare glitter was only exclusive in Diamond, who was chit chatting with two girls walking out of the classroom.

        “It’s time!”

        Holding two buckets of water, Jade ran at full speed towards him. “Oh no! I, I can’t stop!”

        Despite so, she was still able to throw a bucket over him!

        “You again! I won’t fall into your trap!” Having been through a week of ambushes, Diamond already got used to it. He put in a sprint to give a roundhouse kick at the bucket.

        Bang! The bucket was kicked to the wall, splashing all water to the floor.

        “I’m not done yet!” Without giving him any chance to break, Jade immediately splashed another bucket of water. Sneering, Diamond crouched down unhurriedly. As a result, the girls standing behind were implicated, all soaking wet.

        “The other elves will be dragged into her mess! Better find somewhere else!” Diamond turned back running to the staircase. Attacking non-stop, Jade took out a water ball to cast over him during the chase.

        “Damn it! She is unreasonable!” Diamond recalled that everytime he played with her, he would always get hurt.

        The intense attacks made him impossible to dodge. A water ball hit his back directly; the uniform had become wet.

        “I’m gonna lose...Hm?” Diamond saw a student with a racket. Then, an idea flashed in his mind.

        “Excuse me, I need to borrow this!” Diamond took it without hesitation.

        At the moment, Jade’s water ball was close. He turned and swung——

        Pop! The ball was struck back!

        Attacks and defense of Diamond and Jade kept on and on. Soon they arrived at the rooftop to a dead end.

        “You have nowhere to go now.” Jade sneered.

        “Right...but you also run out of water balls.”

        “Humph! You thought I have no backup?” Jade took out a water gun from her back that she had been carrying.

        “You…!” Diamond was not expecting this.

        “Sorry, forgive me. Everything I did was just to protect you.” Jade pulled the trigger to spout water——

        Suddenly, a red-orange figure descended from the sky and took the water attack by covering Diamond.

        As soon as Jade found out she got the wrong elf, that girl was already soaked.

        “Hey! Are you okay,” asked Diamond anxiously.

        That girl let go of her hands. Until then Diamond could finally see her face clearly——It was a delicate girl named Amber. Crystal-like droplets sprinkled on her red-orange hair and snow-white face, reflecting a vibrant brilliance.

        Amber reached out to touch Diamond’s cheek gently. Warmth sent through his skin, which made him feel relieved yet shocked at the same time.

        “Why I didn’t feel nauseous...I was in disgust whenever I had skinship with girls…”

        While he was numb with shock, Amber got close to his neck, sniffing like a pet.

        “You smell good,” smiled Amber. Her eyes curved slightly, clear and bright as a crescent, as if it could cleanse all the evils in this world. Diamond was carried away.

        “That look...resembles the time when I took him out for the first time...No, he is more...infatuated and excited this time...Hm...why I am feeling something strange in my chest…”

        Their interaction somehow dejected Jade. Stepping back, Jade was not aware of the broken railing behind.

        Geee! Unable to hold her weight, the railing was falling apart.

        “Hm?” Jade’s eyesight was occupied with the blue sky. It was already too late when she realised she was falling——

        “Jade!” Startled, Diamond spontaneously ran to catch her. However, he missed.

        “NO!! I can’t let her die!” Diamond jumped down at once to hold Jade into his arms. Simultaneously, he triggered power to unleash resplendent light.

        Bang! The fall raised a cloud of dust.

        “Cough...Phew, I’m still in one piece.” The crystallized Diamond breathed a sigh of relief as he patted his chest.

        Jade didn’t feel carefree like he did, but trembled with fear. “Why did you jump? You could’ve died if you didn’t crystalize in time!”

        “Hey, are you done yet? I just saved your life. Why I am the one to be blamed!”

        “I, I didn’t ask for your rescue. You’re a rare diamond. You can’t risk your life to save me, let alone wander around the dangerous outer world!”

        “So we keep hiding from danger for the entire life?” Diamond stood up, looking at Jade with sorrow. “You led me to walk out of the prison life. Why are you pushing me back to the cage now?”

        “I…” Jade turned her face away. “It’s because I was too naive at that time.”

        “So be it! After all, I’m not a kid anymore. Your protection is just another cage to me!”

        Diamond left her behind. “...Did I do things wrong…,” she pondered while holding that diamond pendant.

        Sorrow lingered in her heart. Soon, it turned into tears, dropping to the ground with transparent marks...

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