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        “Elves!” The wind carried Barbara’s voice throughout the forest. “If you see anything out of the ordinary, call out for me!” The Dracospirits will let me know right away, and I will come to you as soon as possible!”

        Dracospirits of wind tenderly flew around the delighted Barbara, accompanying her as she headed towards the stream. Bamboo basket in hand, she planned to wash the clothes she dirtied yesterday. Upon seeing Barbara’s visit, the water elves in the stream hurriedly took the clothes and cleaned them in an instant. They then tossed the clothes into the sky, where flying Dracospirits of wind passed through the clothes, drying them immediately. When the clothes descended, flower elves on the grass gently held them in their embrace, spraying the scent of flowers onto the clothes. Watching from the side, Barbara gave a yawn before reminding: “Be careful with my clothes. Don’t let the thorns on your bodies tear them.”

        “Yes, Lady Barbara.”

        Though Barbara had become the mistress of the forest, she felt bored by her job. Barbara had always managed the forest for Byakhee; she not only fed the Dracospirits, she also maintained Cassilda’s eco-balance. She allowed the Toad to attack elves, and engulfed the power it had absorbed in the name of Byakhee. All in Cassilda deemed Barbara a heroine, not aware that the Toad itself was actually Byakhee’s servant. She was merely the “collector” of power for Byakhee. When outsiders invaded, Barbara was always the sole defender of the forest. But of course, this was because she wanted to remain the main provider of power to Byakhee. Still, mystical beings in Cassilda gradually grew obedient to her, and recognized her as the second only to Byakhee. Yet, since the Ethereal Dragon had never been present, Barbara became the mistress of the forest.

        Barbara took a stroll in the forest, seeing views she had witnessed myriad times.

        “I’m so tired of seeing the elves’ dances. Gnomes and werewolves are too afraid to fight me, even in friendly contests. And I have already gone to that stupid Toad yesterday; even if I go again today, I can’t get anything from it...”

        The idea of leaving the forest had yet again surged within Barbara. But she remained indecisive; she liked this tranquility after all. It was just that the current peace had perhaps lasted just a bit too long...

        ‘Lady Barbara! There are three outsiders at the west of the forest. They —’

        Before the elf could finish its words, Barbara had already conjured power of Dracospirits. She skillfully lifted herself into the air, and flew towards the outsiders’ location. Soon, she saw a horse carriage and with a single glance, she had recognized the comer was the long-lost Agatha. Ignoring the blonde warrior maiden beside Agatha, Barbara darted towards the Dragon Maiden and embraced her.

        “What took you so long to find me? I’ve been waiting for you!”

        Agatha’s lungs were compressed by Barbara’s tight hug, rendering her unable to respond. The warrior maiden, smiling awkwardly at the comical sight before her, spoke first. She introduced herself and spoke as to the intention of their visit: they were hoping to locate Ursula, for she possessed the ability to resonate with Dracospirits, in order to get her help Honor balance the power within him.

        Barbara, still gripping tightly to the Dragon Maiden in her arms: “But I separated with Ursula in mid-air. I don’t know where she and that teenager have landed.”

        “Excuse me, but the teenager you’re referring to...”

        Barbara explained the circumstances she faced. From her description, the warrior maiden immediately recognized that the teenager was the other Dragon Spiritor — Novalis.

        “He has always been with the Court of Scorpio. He is probably at Enochian Tower with her.”

        “Then what’re we waiting for? Go and get Honor out of the carriage!” Barbara excitedly held up her staff. In a split second, a hurricane formed beside them. “Horses are too slow. Let’s fly!”