17.3 Primal Deities Story Ch. 9

        Intense clashes of weapons were created at a corner of the woods in the Heavenly Kingdom. Two males unfolded a fierce battle in the forest. Red-haired boy Fuxi called upon flames with his power in an attempt to swallow the cold-faced man Pangu.

        Pangu draw a dark element circle with two fingers, conjuring a shield to block the fire.

        “This is the signature move of Xingtian...So you’re his disciple.” Pangu said bluntly, bursting with confidence.

        “None of your business!” Fuxi approached him to make a close attack with his sword; Pangu, without stepping back, raised his leg to parry the strike. Clash! Noises of metal clashes and ear-piercing friction were coming one after another. Both of them were not holding back.

        “Of course it’s my business...Literally, I’m your senior,” Pangu murmured to his ears.

        “Shut up! You’re not! You took my master away!” Fuxi retorted angrily and broke away from him with brute force!

        Xingtian, Fuxi’s master, was captured by Pangu to face his trial. As his disciple, Fuxi could not sit back. So he gathered the heavenly beasts Tian Wu and Bi Fang to rescue Xingtian on the trial day. Although the action was a success, they were still being chased by other Xians.

        In order to escape the Heavenly Kingdom, they split up to distract the Xians. Unfortunately, Tian Wu fell into the trap of Pangu and was subdued. In order to save it, Fuxi used himself as a decoy, resulting in a fierce battle now with Pangu.

        “It’s all your fault...You took Xingtian, hurt Tian Wu and Bi Fang...Why did you do this to my family?” The unknown situation of his comrades made Fuxi blame himself and feel guilty. Such fury was all vented on Pangu.

        Suddenly, a fierce roar of a beast was sending from another side of the Heavenly Kingdom, as if it was calling on something. With the shouts of that beast, the element clinging to Fuxi kept on intensifying, eventually wrapping him up with flames.

        “Why his power can step up to this level all of a sudden? That beast shouts...Now it’s not the time to dig into it!” Pangu gathered energy to create countless dark elemental arrows. At the same time, Fuxi was also ready for attack——

        Boom! Huge noises echoed for a while.

        “I lost...Kill me if you want.” Pangu, supported his weight with the blade, said weakly as he coughed blood. However, Fuxi was no better than him. Pangu’s arrow shot his stomach; blood had stained his lower body. Fuxi staggered toward Pangu.

        “He...hurt my master...and Tian Wu…” Fuxi looked at the injured Pangu and continued while shaking his head. “I...won’t kill you...There is no point to kill anyone who is unable to fight…”

        Nevertheless, Fuxi’s mercy was an insult to Pangu when compared with death. He looked at Fuxi leaving, eyes full of deep hatred.

        “’ll regret for sparing me today!”

        Pangu’s murmur did not send to his ears. Fuxi was losing consciousness due to blood loss. Now he was holding his last breath to arrive at a hidden tree hollow. Then he fainted.

        In the darkness, he saw Xingtian, Tian Wu and Bi Fang. He started running towards them, but was still unable to catch up even though he felt completely exhausted. Suddenly, a bone-chilling coldness ran down his spine. When he was so desperate, warmth was brought to his right hand.

        “It’s...warm...and familiar. I knew this feeling for a long long time ago...Who is it” Fuxi managed to run to the light ahead——

        Inside a shabby house, Fuxi opened his eyes and looked puzzled.

        “You woke up——Ah!” A lady’s voice sounded from the right hand side. Fuxi’s spontaneous action was to drag her down, grabbed her wrists by single hand and held her down.

        “Who are you? And where am I,” he questioned.

        “What’s wrong with you? I managed to save you by carrying you to this place, and treated your wounds. Now you question me like an enemy. How poor I am!” The lady blinked her beady eyes, without fear and looked directly at him.

        At this moment, Fuxi calmed down as what she said was true——his wounds were well bandaged.

        “Sigh, stop stuttering. Can you move? You’re heavy!”

        Until then, Fuxi was finally aware that the distance between them was so close that they could feel the breath of each other, or even could hear the heartbeat.

        “Sorry for my rudeness.” Fuxi moved away from her immediately; then the lady sat straight to tidy up her collar and hair.

        Fuxi bowed to the lady with respect.

        “Thank you for saving me. I appreciate your kindness very much. But I don’t really want to drag you into this, pardon me.” As he was about to leave, his unsteady walk showed that Fuxi was obviously forcing himself.

        This made the lady even angrier. Next second, she punched him into his wounded stomach, painful enough to make Fuxi bend and kneel down.

        “I ain’t a madam. My name is Nüwa! And your stomach was shot! How is it possible to recover that soon!”

        Nüwa carried, put Fuxi to bed and let him lie down. “You’re gonna stay and recover! No running around! You hear me?” She talked akimbo.

        “Um...alright.” Looking at Nüwa, Fuxi somehow was unable to refuse her order. Then, he closed his eyes and soon fell asleep.

        After he slumbered, Nüwa quietly walked out of the room, closed the door and sat on the floor lacking strength. Nüwa touched her face with both hands as she was completely blushing.

        “Holy’s strength is way too strong...I can’t even resist it…” She looked at the red mark on her wrist, recalling the moment when she was held down by Fuxi. Her heart was beating fast again.

        “Fuxi...I have some kind of intimate feeling about him.” Nüwa wore a sweet smile as if she had fallen in love...

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