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        To make the eroding emptiness sink into oblivion, Ghatanothoa threw itself into creation. Although its work had neither been destroyed by Azathoth or decayed naturally, Ghatanothoa was relentless to create every day.
        Eventually, Daoloth and Ghatanothoa had created the realm. This land of life was more fertile and thriving than ever. Excited, it suggested to make eleternal light for this place, and Daoloth was in agreement with the idea.
        Ghatanothoa took the light from Daoloth and flew towards the summit of the realm. It opened its mouth, swallowed the light source and beat its stomach with its own gigantic forelimb.
        The light was split into shreds and started burning. Radiance shone through the holes of Ghatanothoa, as if nectar poured down every corner of this world. The light glittered slowly, gently and powerfully.
        “This is the light of Daoloth...How divine! And it’s all the realm needs: light, beauty and creation!”
        But a flash of a gloom swept across its mind. Words of brother Atlach dropped to a whisper——
        “I hate you, my brother. Your beauty is the opposite of my darkness. Your bravery brings out my cowardice. Your altruism reflects my selfishness. You make me hate myself from the bottom of my heart…”

        “But I love you as much as I love myself. Even though you hate yourself or me, I still can’t leave you alone...Roarrr———!”
        Atlach’s words brought heavy, aching pain into its heart. Losing control, Ghatanothoa dropped tears, growling with sadness. The pure light was slowly tainted with its grief, and turned into inky darkness covering the entire realm. Blending with each other, the light and dark intertwined to create twilight, and eventually became somber despair.
        “Boohoo...Brother Atlach, why did you abandon me? I’m so lonely...Boohoo…”
        “Ghatanothoa, what are you doing?”
        Suddenly, a voice sounded in the devastated Ghatanothoa’s mind; it was Abhoth, born on the same planet. Abhoth used its soft and sticky body to wrap it up and stop the spread of darkness. Meanwhile, it opened up a crack on the other side, releasing a faint glow to paint the void darkness with morning glimmer.
        “I...want to create an everlasting light.”
        “Sigh...Ghatanothoa, do you think a creature tainted with darkness can do it?”
        Abhoth’s words made Ghatanothoa silence. Closing all its holes on the body, it descended into the land and hid in the woods. Ghatanothoa, holding its head with both hands, gritted its teeth ferociously; rage was shown in the bloodshot eyes.
        “It’s all Azathoth’s fault...This evil being...should never have existed. Without this thing, Atlach will come back...Right...Without Azathoth!! I should devour it. I should destroy it!”

        Perhaps it was Ghatanothoa’s strong desire that made it happen. One day, it met a blue dragon landing on the lush grasslands; the descending of which had created muddiness. Standing in the way of Ghatanothoa was Ubbo Sathla the follower of Daoloth. Its voice echoed through the air.
        “Ghatanothoa, Let’s take down Azathoth together.”
        “Isn’t it gone already?”
        “No, that hateful Azathoth was full of lies. This is how it deceived Daoloth’s benevolence, and tried to take it away from us!”
        Ubbo recalled Ghatanothoa of how Azathoth lured Atlach into destruction. Gloom surged within its heart drastically; Ghatanothoa ground its teeth in anger.
        “Accursed Azathoth…you want to take away my important family again? I’ll never let it happen!”
        “Unforgivable! I need to wipe it out!”
        Ghatanothoa followed Ubbo to Azathoth’s hideout, a deep hole. Waiting until Daoloth fell alseep, Ubbo lured Azathoth away; meanwhile, Ghatanothoa was ambushing somewhere. Accumulating power in its mouth, it released a light sphere as soon as Azathoth flew off the ground.
        As its energy had not fully recovered, the attack was hit right into Azathoth, knocking it down and creating a deep cut on the ground. Then, Ghatanothoa moved its burly body in the woods and sprinted towards Azathoth’s direction. Soon, Ghatanothoa found it lying down with a fragile look.
        “Ahhh...Finally I can prove you wrong. I’m gonna tear you apart, crush you and destroy you——”
        Suddenly, a familiar voice came from behind. Ghatanothoa looked around and saw its master——The divine creator...However, it was not the creator that Ghatanothoa respected anymore, for Daoloth had fallen into maniac, even more than Azathoth.
        Daoloth opened its mouth to gather dazzling light, pure as old days yet it aimed to destroy; blinded by the light, Ghatanothoa felt like its body was tearing off. And even its consciousness was crushing.

        “Aaarghh——Don’t...Don’t destroy me——!”
        Just when Ghatanothoa was unable to take it, a shadow caught its broken body and took it away from the light.
        “ it?” Ghatanothoa’s will was wrecked by Daoloth’s attack. Its vision started to become blurry, losing the ability to perceive colors.
        “ brother...I won’t let you disappear…”
        The words echoed in its mind before Ghatanothoa sank into eternal darkness.