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17.3 Primal Deities Story Ch. 13

        An injured monster was running around in a town, causing damage to the neighborhood; some of the old houses were even brought down. Suddenly, there was a man standing up against the monster. He didn’t blink even in the face of the intimidating monster. Instead, the man confronted it confidently.

        “Two fingers are enough to finish you,” said Pangu, the confident man pointing at the monster with two fingers. As a purple sparkle flashed at his fingertips, an energy blast was shot at the monster’s leg, pulling it down on its knees. Targeting again, Pangu launched another dark elemental hit; the dark element then trapped the monster in the form of rope.

        It was like a snap of fingers for Pangu to take down the monster. When the incident was settled, all the Xians was looking at him with admiration.

        “See? This is the capability of a genius. Any advanced arts are just a piece of cake to Pangu.”

        “You only have that thought because you’re new to Heavenly Kingdom and you don’t know the history. Back then, master Shennong had a disciple named Xingtian. He was the authentic genius…”

        “Xingtian...Isn’t he a wanted traitor?”

        “Sigh, so what if he’s a genius? He has gone rouge anyway.”

        Every word was captured by Pangu; clenching his fist, Pangu’s charming face turned cold as if he was being humiliated.

        “Everyone will recognise me as the only genius by the time I capture Xiantian.”

        Since then, Pangu had been devoted to tracking down Xingtian while stepping up his training. With concerted effort, they finally caught Xingtian. Later on, things went sideways as Fuxi, the disciple of Xingtian, initiated a heist and broke Xingtian free. Worst still, Pangu got beaten up nastily.

        “I...won’t kill you...There is no point to kill anyone who is unable to fight…” What Fuxi had said to the defenceless Pangu was still echoing in his mind. These words acted like shackles of shame, reminding him that he only lived because Fuxi let him.

        “But I will vindicate my name today,” Pangu sworn to himself as he stared at Fuxi practicing in front of a wooden cabin afar.

        “Didn’t know that there’s such a place in the Heavenly Kingdom. No wonder none of us could locate him,” said Shuhai, a well-built female ascetic standing next to Pangu. Shuhai had a crush on her senior Pangu; she was also the one who discovered Fuxi’s whereabouts.

        “He ain’t going nowhere this time...We’ll strike before he knows.”

        “But Ms. Nüwa is still in the house. We might cause friendly fire.”

        “Humph! She asks for it!”

        Pangu placed his arms in front of his chest and closed his eyes, gathering dark element. As he whispered, countless runes started attaching to the element, giving out an ominous aurora. Then he opened his eyes and flicked fingers, shooting elemental blades at Fuxi——


        The elemental blades blasted the cabin and the area nearby into ruins. The scene was so dusty as if trapped in thick mist.

        “Cough...Hmm!” Despite Fuxi’s protective instinct, a piece of flesh was sliced off from his right thigh. Physical pain bent his knees, but he endured it and tore off a piece of cloth to bandage himself.

        “I knew you’re not that easy to be killed…” Revealing in the dust, Pangu glared at Fuxi with pride and pulled out his sword. “And you’ll die under this blade!”

        “Stop!” A girly yell interrupted Pangu. Nüwa shielded Fuxi with her bare body; her determination was written on her refined face. “Brother Pangu, I won’t let you hurt Fuxi!”

        “How dare you say such things out loud, Nüwa...Don’t think that you act as you like just because you’re master’s favorite, even hiding an intruder. Step aside or you’ll be handled together!”

        The furious Pangu pointed his sword at Nüwa, making clear of his stance.

        “Lay your hands off her. She did this...because I held her hostage,” said Fuxi, standing between Pangu and Nüwa with his sword. “I’m the one you’re looking for. I’m your only enemy here!”

        “Excellent,” said Pangu while signalling Shuhai. Next second, Shuhai swiftly moved to Nüwa’s back and subdued her. There was no way that Nüwa could break free no matter how sophisticated her art was, for she was going against Shuhai the strongest wrestler.

        The helpless Nüwa could only witness the fierce battle between Pangu and Fuxi. The sparkles ignited by weapon clashes and magic colliding looked even spookier in the cloudy day. The two of them remained a tie after a while of fight.

        “Impressive. Never expected you can hold this long with the wound on your thigh,” said Pangu, gazing at the bloodstained bandage on Fuxi. Not only the massive blood loss, but Fuxi was sweating unusually more. He was too exhausted to answer Pangu’s sarcasm.

        “Time to end everything.” Pangu squinted and gave a bloodlusting smile. Next second, his Xian energy surged, blasting dark elemental spikes at Fuxi; the wound on the thigh hindered Fuxi’s mobility.

        Slash! The spikes stabbed Fuxi at his limbs, staining the green grass to bright red. This brutal scene had deeply imprinted into Nüwa’s mind.


        Nüwa felt like her soul was ripped apart by Pangu. The tremendous pain eventually unfolded the memory locked up deep in her subconscious——

        “Nüwa, we’ve cross our hearts. You’ll be my wife,” said the little Fuxi.

        “I promise, Fuxi. We’ll be together forever,” said the little Nüwa, making a pinky vow with Fuxi.

        Why? Why would she forget?

        The boy who had been lingering in her mind was Fuxi, the love of her life.

        As the flashback kicked in, Nüwa’s consciousness experienced a tremendous shock. Opening her mouth widely, she let out a painful scream from the bottom of heart, “AHHH————!”

        Answering her call, a beast howl sounded from the border of Heavenly Kingdom. The two of them resonated, inducing a sapphire light from Nüwa. Next second, an energy surge blasted Shuhai away.

        “Fuxi!” Running towards the unconscious Fuxi, Nüwa’s vision had already been blurred by her tears. She stroked his cheek gently, who had turned pale because of blood loss.

        Despair had cracked Nüwa; she mumbled with tears, “We’ve promised each stay together forever...My love...what happened to us?”

        All of a sudden, the Heavenly Kingdom began to quake; Next, a monstrous creature was threatening the Heavenly Kingdom…