Numerous monsters gathered on a prairie. They were howling towards a mountain, and swinging their weapons. Standing on the mountain was a slim and charming woman. She stared at the monsters without fear, because she was already used to this situation. When the monsters saw her, the howling immediately turned into laughter. “Humph! She is just a woman. Why should we fear?” A monster spoke arrogantly. Then, they swarmed towards the mountain.
        The woman took out an iron fan without hurry. She injected demonic power into it, then the fan became bigger and bigger in no time. The monsters stopped as they were puzzled over her intention. To their astonishment, she could easily wave that giant iron fan! As the woman fanned the monsters, the wind blew in gusts. The monsters waddled, eventually were blown away and vanished in the sky. “Humph! Foolish men.” The woman reclaimed her power, then the size of the iron fan gradually turned back to normal. As she turned around, a swarm of succubi came to hug her. “Mistress Rakshasa is the best! Just a gentle wave can send all those filthy men away! I’m sure that you’re the strongest in the world!” “Of course! Soon we won’t need to grovel to the men.” They returned to their base camp with glory and celebrated for a victory.

        The woman was Rakshasa. She used her giant iron fan as weapon, ruling all the succubi, so she was also called Princess Iron Fan. Rakshasa thought women should not be oppressed, therefore she brought the succubi to raid on others and secure more territories. One day, she came to a forest with the succubi…“As long as we take this place, Mistress Rakshasa will soon become the leader of the demons!” Rakshasa was amused by the flattering of a succubus. She said, “You girls wait for me here.” Then, she jumped off.
        Feeling the demonic power and bloodlust of Rakshasa, countless monsters came out of the woods with weapons. In face of the enemies, Rakshasa smiled. She took out the iron fan as usual and injected the demonic power into it to make the fan bigger. She fanned the monsters fiercely; the wind blew in gusts again. In the blink of an eye, they were blown away to the sky, leaving no trace.
        As she was sneering at the monsters, someone asked in a manly voice behind her, “Strange...Where are the monsters?” Rakshasa had a firm grip on the giant fan. As she was going to swing her fan backward, she saw a burly bull monster in cloak with a green helmet. Her heart was beating fast suddenly. No matter how dangerous it was, or how powerful the enemies were, Rakshasa had never had such feeling...she knew she was in love.
        “You look fragile. Why are you here alone? Are you injured?” The bull monster asked kindly as he walked towards her. “I’m...I’m fine…” Rakshasa continued as she put her fan in the back, “Monsters brought me here. But suddenly, the wind blew in gusts, blowing all of them away. Luckily I made it by grabbing a tree.” She pretended to fall down; the bull monster crouched down nervously. “I was frightened to death just before you came. Now I feel relieved, but just a bit dizzy…” she continued. “Where is your home?” “I have no home to go back to…” She smiled at him. The bull monster knew Rakshasa’s meaning, then carried her in the arms to the forest…

        Rakshasa and the bull monster were lying in bed naked. “Can I stay here forever?” She leant against him and smiled. The bull monster was a little surprised at her words, then he responded in a flat voice, “Since you’re homeless, of course you can stay, but…” He continued after a pause, “Don’t expect I’ll fall in love with you.” “I understand. I’m satisfied as long as I can be with you.” Rakshasa smiled. She was sure about his personality, and knew how to win the heart of this man.
        She stayed with the bull king and did all the chores for him. Every night, she slept with him, and Rakshasa thought she might have already won his heart, more or less. But one day, the bull king was cold to her suddenly. He did not came home until dawn. Every morning he returned with a smile. Rakshasa noticed his strangeness, but still remained calm and took good care of the bull king as usual.
        “You don’t care why I’m late every day?”
        “This is your freedom, Master Bull King. I’m satisfied as long as you’re happy.”
        “You’re really a considerate woman.”
        The bull king hugged Rakshasa tight. However, the expression in her eyes revealed a bizarre intention. One night, she tailed the bull king to the forest and found out he actually dated a succubus every day. Then, Rakshasa left without saying a word. Next day, she headed towards the residence of that succubus, took out the iron fan, and blew her away. The figure of the succubus became smaller and smaller, eventually vanishing in the air. That night, Rakshasa wore rouge and waited for the bull king in the room. As expected, he came back early with a furious but disappointed look. “Humph! What a lower succubus! How dared she stood me up!” Rakshasa pretended to know nothing and appeased him, “That succubus has got no respect. Don’t be mad at her, Master.” “You’re always the best.” The bull king hugged her in the arms and walked to the bed...Afterwards, although the bull king had encounters with different women, Rakshasa had used her own way to eliminate them. Then, she stayed with him gently, and never asked about his affairs.
        “Will you leave me one day?” The bull king asked suddenly.
        “This is already my home. Otherwise, I won’t…” Rakshasa put the bull king’s hand on her stomach. He could feel a demonic strength, which combined the bull king’s and Rakshasa’s power, flowed from her stomach to his hand. The bull king looked at the smiling Rakshasa excitedly.
        Rakshasa got her wish and married with the bull king finally. She thought she succeeded in winning his heart, but everything was just a beginning...

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