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        Since they left the Tengu clan, Yuki-onna and Ootengu had been roaming the realms. Never been away from the snowy mountain, everything they experienced was novelties to Yuki-onna. Before the journey, she had no idea how prosperous the realm of Humans was, neither did she know that there were other youkais in the world.

        Despite all these new experiences, Yuki-onna could hardly feel true bliss, as she knew that Ootengu missed his hometown even he did not show it to her. One day, the couple met Ootengu’s friend in an ancient temple. They heard from him that the Tengu clan was being attacked! To save the clan, Ootengu decided to return to his hometown...

        “Stay here and wait for me. I will be back once I have settled everything.”

        “I will follow you even if you don’t allow me.”

        Unable to dissuade the stubborn Yuki-onna from going with him, Ootengu could only bring her along. Upon arrival, they caught sight of all the walls already destroyed. Tengus were fighting against the invading ascetics. Upon hearing that some Tengus were captured by the ascetics, Yuki-onna could see Ootengu’s face turning agonized and perplexed. To resolve Ootengu’s dilemma, Yuki-onna volunteered to rescue the captured Tengus...

        Tracing the cart tracks, Yuki-onna finally found the imprisoned Tengus. Yet, the number of the ascetics was massive, with various weapons in their hands, while Yuki-onna was just alone. Head-on confrontation would be too tough for her. Hence she sneaked to the cart where the Tengus were imprisoned. Seeing their savior, the Tengus were all delighted. Yuki-onna signaled them to keep quiet, at the same time freezing the lock until it broke. Just as Yuki-onna thought she could free the Tengus, the ascetics discovered her. In haste, Yuki-onna urged the Tengus to escape, while she stayed to fight against the ascetics to buy them time.

        Yet, having consumed too much pneuma, she fell on the ground shortly afterwards...

        “Because of you, we lost all our preys... We must teach you a lesson!”

        Just as Yuki-onna closed her eyes, she heard sounds of wings flapping. She opened her eyes, and saw lots of Tengus in the sky — the captured Tengus had come back for her!

        “Hold on, Sister Yuki-onna! We’re going to save you now!”

        The ascetics were delighted to see the return of the Tengus, in the hope of recapturing them! Upon seeing their return, Yuki-onna forced herself to stand up.

        ‘I want more power... I want to protect my important companions!’

        Pneuma inside Yuki-onna suddenly burst out and became increasingly powerful. A fierce blizzard formed into shape; slowly yet steadily, she walked towards the ascetics, ferocity palpable. Knowing that they were now no match for Yuki-onna, the ascetics could only retreat...

        The Tengus all came close to Yuki-onna, for they were all moved by her sincerity. With her true heart, the maiden once rejected by the Tengus finally became a member of the Tengu clan.