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        The man had fallen for Yuki-onna’s beautiful appearance. He found a series of excuses to go up the mountain every day. Therefore, Yuki-onna’s loneliness gradually faded; and the dissipated feeling had slightly returned. This continued until one day when the man had to leave Yuki-onna for the village.

        “Do not go!”

        “Sorry, I have to leave. But I will come back. Is there anything you hope for? I will get it for you.”

        Yuki-onna told him about the flower Karasutengu had once given her.

        “That flower grows on a cliff. No one can ever get there!”

        “Then do not go...”

        “I would love to stay with you forever if it is possible! However, the village...”

        ‘No! The feeling is still weak. If I do not see him every day. The feeling might fade with time, just like it did with Karasutengu! I have to make him stay!’ With these thoughts on her mind, Yuki-onna did not even bother waiting for the man to finish talking. She simply waved her hand and the man was frozen into a delicate ice sculpture.

        “If you want to stay with me forever, then do not go.” Yuki-onna caressed the sculpture’s face. “Stay with me like this. This way, I should be able to get that ‘feeling’, right?”

        Even though she had the sculpture for company, Yuki-onna was still not content. She would always walk out the cave, hoping to meet other men with the same method, while thinking she could get that feeling from them. Days went by. Men of the village were, one by one, attracted by Yuki-onna’s beauty. They catered to her every need; yet, Yuki-onna still failed to determine what that feeling was.

        Although time passed, her search for that feeling came to no avail. Attempts to leave or failure in fulfilling Yuki-onna’s requirements would be deemed disloyalty. These men, without exception, could only end up as an ice sculpture. As the number of sculptures increased, Yuki-onna herself also became more obsessed with the feeling. Finally, villagers were alerted by the growing number of missing men and prepared to retaliate. They all asserted the need to eliminate the murderous monster...