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        Outside the temple of Apollo, the people built a huge campfire, praying for blessings from God of the Sun with dance and song. As the princess of Troy, Cassandra could not decline the responsibility to dance for Apollo before the crowd. Every time, Apollo would lie on his sun wheel and enjoy Cassandra’s dance, which was refreshing. She transcended those boring, ordinary women with greasy, thick make-up. The more he looked at Cassandra, the more he desired her, and even became very possessive about her.
        At last, Apollo could not stop himself from descending upon the temple. As he appeared before the people, Cassandra immediately knelt down, prostrating herself to the God, and said, “All glory be to God of the Sun.”

        “Look up and let me see your face.” Upon hearing this, Cassandra raised her head a little to look up at Apollo.

        “Cassandra, you beautiful dance caught my breath.”

        “Dear God, thank you for the compliment.”

        “I decide to share my powers of prophecy with you. From now on, you shall serve by my side.”

        “Dear God, thank you for the gift. It is the highest honor for me to receive such a blessing, to be the priestess of God of the Sun.”

        With her prophecy, Cassandra foresaw the devastating war among Gods. She saw the capital reduced to crumbling walls and collapsed houses, the people fought one another for their own faith, and the rising invaders encroached on the homeland of men. Finally, the humankind would be doomed to extinction. Despite Apollo’s repeated dissuasion, Cassandra insisted on announcing her vision of the coming war to the public on the town square every day. Yet, having grown accustomed to peace and prosperity, the people just scoffed at her proclamations, while their respect towards her also gradually turned to hatred.

        Having lost the respect of the people, Cassandra's position of princess was stripped away. Her status as priestess was out of the population's control; thus, she continued to live on in the temple under Apollo's shelter. Despite everything, she continued to warn the masses through prophecy.

        “Gods shall war, and the mortals would be rendered their pawns. In exchange for the death of family, Humans were given ruined cities. In exchange for their souls, Humans were given mutilated bodies. You deeply believe that you are fighting for your faith, for Gods’ blessings, but you never realize that you are merely a pawn in their game, and a pawn that outlived its usefulness is mere garbage. While the two warring parties suffer, invaders will take advantage and overrun the land, drowning the whole world into endless darkness.”