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Minerelves’ Record Story (Prequel) Ch. 1

At noon, the king of Kingdom Raimonia, where nurtured the minerelves, brought two headmaster candidates to Minerelf Girls’ School for a field trip.

The king, pointing at the grand campus, said enthusiastically, “this is the campus you may have the chance to serve, and also one of the best academies of the country. The headmaster of this school possesses huge power, but the same portion of responsibility at the same time.”

“Of course. Your majesty is truly insightful,” the lean candidate flattered the king immediately.

Another fat candidate squeezed his way to the king and said, “your majesty, I’ve made a proposal to reform this school. Please allow me to introduce it to you.”

When the two candidates were competing to impress the king, Super Seven, the third candidate seemed not interested in joining the competition. Instead, he walked away to inspect the campus.

“Super Seven, do you have anything to share,” the king asked, ignoring the tension between the fat candidate and the lean candidate.

“Your majesty, I haven’t even met the students yet. Why would I have thoughts now?” Super Seven widened his sleepy eyes and shrugged.

“How dare you be rude to the king——”

The fat candidate was trying to lecture Super Seven, but the laughter of the king cut him in. Both the fat candidate and the lean candidate were confused by the king’s feedback.

“You’re right. How can you know the students’ needs before meeting them,” said the king smiling, and he continued, “they’re holding an applied magic contest today. Let’s take a look and get to know the students.”

As the king entered the campus, the two candidates followed closely. Only Super Seven was suspicious of something else.

“Is it really a coincidence? Something’s wrong here,” Super Seven pondered. “Nevermind. Just go with the flow.”

The four elves arrived at the grassfield, where dozens of elves gathered around. At the center, there were three girls standing at specific spots, trying to wreck the pillars in front of them. The vibe here was peaceful.

All of a sudden, an animal roar broke the peace. Next second, a gigantic hound jumped out of the woods nearby, growling at the students.

The field was filled with screams when the students started running in panic, but some of them tripped out of fear.

“Your majesty! Please stay behind me. I’ll protect you at all cost!” The fat candidate shielded the king by himself.

“Don’t worry. I won’t let it touch you even if it costs my life!” The lean candidate joined in to protect the king.

“Humph! Two idiots. The king is not the one who needs protection here!” Super Seven also knew that whining didn’t help. He was on his own now.

Super Seven came into the middle between the students and the hound. When he summoned the elemental power, the power resonated the jewel inside his body, growing jewel limbs out of his back. The limb then attacked the hound swiftly——

“Woof…” The hound moaned as it was subdued by Super Seven.

“You vicious beast! Let me teach you some manners.”

“Right! Eat my punch!”

When the threat was eliminated, the other two candidates attempted to attack the hound, trying to take credit. Yet all the attacks were blocked by Super Seven.

“Why are you stopping us,” the irritated fat candidate questioned Super Seven.

“It has no harm now. We shouldn’t torture it,” said Super Seven, who looked at the king and continued, “and it is the companion of the king. If you hurt it, the king will be very upset. Am I right? Your majesty.”

“How do you know?” The king smiled.

“Their reactions were just too fake. It could be deceptive when I looked distantly. But when I came closer, I found that their muscles were relaxed, which didn’t look like in danger at all,” said Super Seven, glimpsing at the students standing behind.

Not only the students didn’t get pissed, but they started laughing, which proved Super Seven’s saying.

“And the hound wasn’t hostile at all when I was coming to it.”

When Super Seven set the hound free, it went to the king with a wagging tail.

“I see. You’re observant,” the king praised with a nod. “Then what makes you decide to save the students at the first place?”

“The students are too young for combat. Your majesty, you’re too strong for protection.” Super Seven didn’t even sweat a bit, answering with a witty smile.

“As a headmaster who’s responsible for educating the youth, students should always be a top priority, not flattering the nobles…” The king implied something as he scanned at the other two candidates, who quivered out of fear.

“I now pronounce that Super Seven will be the headmaster of Minerelf Girls’ School.”

Once the king had announced, all the presenting students applauded to welcome the new headmaster…