“Is this the exit you’re talking about?” Nicole asked Galileo skeptically, looking at the front.

        “After hearing the explosion, I searched towards the sound source. It took me a while to get here,” Galileo nodded and explained.

        "But isn’t here a dead end?” Nicole asked again with a frown.

        “No. Look over there.” Einstein saw the sunlight passing through the cracks of the wall. “If there’s sunlight, then the outside world is behind this wall.”

        “Yes. This wall is just a disguise.” Galileo conjured dark element on her mechanic sword, wielding at the wall.

        Crack! The wall was smashed, revealing another spacious area. Countless broken metal parts were spread across the room.

        “This...looks like a warehouse,” Einstein said. Before he could investigate the parts, Nicole dragged him away excitedly. “There’s a ladder ahead. It must be the exit! Yay! Fresh air I’m coming!” she said.

        Nicole then climbed the ladder enthusiastically without any vigilance. A huge figure was lurking above her, waiting for the right timing to strike——

        “Nicole!” It was too late for Einstein to save her. Boom! Dust was blasted up, blurring everything around.

        “Phew...For god’s sake can you just stay alert?”

        “Gali!” Nicole hugged Galileo tightly.

        “Don’t get so close!” Despite Galileo’s repelling attitude, she still shielded Nicole with her while evaluating this giant enemy. It was a giant mechanical spider, with the legs bigger than an adult.

        “Where the hell does this come from!?” the startled Nicole screamed.

        “No idea, but I do know one thing for sure,” Galileo said as she raised her sword, and she continued, “we can’t leave until we put it down. Go hide yourself!” Hostility could be found in Galileo’s glare.

        Nicole rushed to the corner; Meanwhile Galileo striked before the spider did, trying to slice off one of its legs.

        Yet it didn’t make a metal clashing sound as expected. Instead, it sounded like humming. Realizing her mistake, Galileo jumped back to widen their distance.

        Still, the drastic difference in size had put Galileo at a disadvantage. Despite the slow movement of spider, it just only took one leap to catch up on Galileo. Meanwhile, one of the metal legs was about to hit Galileo.

        “Argh! Right now I need to avoid being hit at the vital parts...What?” The metal leg missed its target when Galileo was finding a solution, hitting the ground at her right.

        “Stay away from it!” Einstein shouted.

        Galileo reacted right away, running towards him. She glimpsed at the spider; Its four legs were trapped by the dents on the ground, and Einstein’s marbles were sparkling underneath.

        “That kid cracked the landing spots to trip the spider. That’s why it missed.”

        “Let’s pull back. Physical attack is not working on the spider because it can absorb elements,” Einstein told Galileo once she came back.

        “I got a plan, but I need some time to get it ready,” said Galileo, shaking her head slightly.

        “You want me to stall it?”

        “...Trust me.” The sincerity shone in Galileo’s eyes.

        “I…” Einstein hesitated.

        “Of course we have to trust Gali! Just leave the spider to us!” Nicole said with a bright grin, hugging Einstein from the back. The carefree look on her face made a sharp contrast to their dangerous situation.

        Einstein shook his head reluctantly, but then he agreed. “I trust you too. Let’s do this,” he said and looked at Galileo.

        Next second, Nicole and Einstein struck at the spider, luring it away from Galileo. With the ambivalence, Galileo bit her lip and ran towards the pile of metal parts.

        She concentrated on gathering all the dark element in the air, turning her sword into a gigantic violet blade.

        Placing the sword horizontally, she controlled the elemental blade with her mind. The blade splitted up, attaching to the metal parts.

        “The intangible element, turn the tangible objects into weapons and slaughter my enemy,” Galileo murmured. With her words, the metal parts attached with element started stacking up. After a flash of black light, a metal giant was made out of the parts!

        “Ahhhhh! Stop getting closer you ugly spider! I can’t die here! I still have to make babies with Stein!” The scream of Nicole alerted Galileo.

        Galileo wielded her sword, controlling the giant to attack. The giant clenched the fists to smack the spider in the back; Galileo wielded again to command the giant to kick the spider violently. The spider first hit the ceiling then fell onto the ground. With the fierce strikes it was taken, the spider finally cracked into half and stopped moving.

        “Gali, you’re a badass!” The thrilled Nicole pounced on Galileo, but Galileo couldn’t support her weight after a fierce battle.

        “Watch out!” Einstein caught both ladies in time before they fell.

        “We’ve made a great team! The three of us gotta make babies together...Wait, I wasn’t telling you to have babies!” Nicole shouted in fear at the end of her words. Suddenly, Einstein and Galileo felt something wrong, but it was already too late for them to turn around.

        A large amount of tiny spiders crawled out from the broken torso, surrounding them in all directions. The areas those little spiders had crawled were all corroded, showing a devastating power beyond expectation.

        “We’ll perish here...Teacher, please enlighten me,” Einstein prayed in his mind while he was guarding. He found the hint very soon——the tiny spiders gathered at a corner insteading coming to them.

        “There’s bloodstain at the corner...I get it, teacher. This is the only way we have now.”

        Einstein then picked up a sharp metal chip on the ground. Right before he slit his wrist, someone took the chip from him——Galileo.

        The moment when Galileo sensed his intention, she made a move without any hesitation. “You’re not the one sacrificing here,” she said softly.

        “I don’t want any casualties happen because of me…” Einstein was screaming inside.

        “Galileo, please don’t do this. I’m begging you.” Einstein begged desperately.

        Yet Galileo shook in refusal. “I like you two. You’re much authentic than those pretentious nobles,” she said.

        The cold beauty finally smiled, adding a charm on her face. “So stay alive,” Galileo told them, revealing the exquisiteness of a woman.

        “No! Gali don’t!” Sensing Galileo’s intention, Nicole tried to intervene. Yet Galileo was one step faster than her.

        Galileo slit her wrist to bleed, turning herself into a bait. As she ran towards the entrance, the spiders were drawn to follow her by the smell of blood.

        Knowing that Nicole and Einstein must be chasing behind, Galileo cracked the ceiling to block their way. The fallen concretes kept them from catching up Galileo.

        Galileo was aware of the incoming spiders just by listening to the spooky noise they made. Despite the fact that she was running out of stamina, she never gave up.

        But fate never intended to let her live.

        “So it’s a dead end?” Galileo smiled fragilely.

        “Then let’s end this with a glorious death.”

        Next second, a devastating explosion occurred; Vigorous violet flames had burnt everything into ashes...

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