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        A girl showed up at an entrance of the ruins; she looked around with a frown.
        “A desolate place. Are the god’s secrets really in here?” The girl Draco pondered with crossing arms. “Let me take a look first.”
        Covered with dust, she searched through the place, but still could not find any leads.
        “It seems to be a false intelligence. Belial should have authenticated the source. It’s a waste of time now——”
        “That noise...could it be the rumoured mechanical soldier used by the Gods recently?”
        Draco did a fingertip search to find where the voice came from in a crevice——it was a duck, which was too fat to pass through the rocks and got stuck in it.
        “Quack! Quack! Quack!” The duck asked for help desperately when it saw Draco. “I’ll save you! Just keep quiet,” she said as she covered her ears.
        The duck shut its mouth, waiting for her to pull it out patiently. Finally, the duck was free, but Draco lost her balance due to overexertion and fell to the ground.
        “Quack!” The duck was running around excitedly as soon as it got out, leaving Draco behind instantly.
        “Dang it...what an unlucky day...Um? The wind...comes from the bottom.”
        She passed through the bushes, then discovered a narrow hole. Draco got in and found herself in an old but magnificent corridor.
        “I would have missed this place if I didn’t save that duck…” Walking in the endless corridor, she seemed to be in a trance as Auriga’s memories suddenly popped out in her mind.
        “Likewise, I met him because of a duck...Alright, I really need to focus on my business now.”
        Draco pulled herself together and passed through a winding hallway to a great altar. There was a huge magic circle engraved on the floor. As Draco walked towards the altar, she felt a chill in the back suddenly. Planning to escape, she was blocked by a cloud of fog.
        “Tut!” It was too late for her to sense the hostility.
        The dark fog emerged from the circle, forming a giant cage trapping Draco in it. At the same time, a shadow slowly came up to her with the clink of metals.
        Gazing at Draco, it was colossal as compared with her height; the shadow cast on the floor was like a giant black hole engulfing her.
        “Say your name, intruder.”
        “Before asking someone’s name, you should introduce yourself first.” In the face of danger, Draco still had an air of haughty aloofness. The enemy was not provoked. Instead, it responded politely with a scholar-like qualities.
        “Pardon me. I’m Dolu, the guardian of this place.” Dolu opened its arms; its head kept flashing a soft light, as if expressing a goodwill of some sort. “I don’t like killing. Intruder, if you leave now, I won’t hurt you.”
        “It’s very kind of you——” Draco stood up and tightened her muscle. “But I refuse,” she shouted with an angry stare.
        She gathered constellation power; her spear was covered with a dazzling emerald gleam, which gradually transformed into a bigger weapon. Draco bent like a bow; and the spear on her hand was like an arrow.
        Whiz! The spear cut the fog-like cage into half; Draco began to rush at Dolu with speed. It remained calm and parried the attack with a steel shield——
        The clash of metal was echoing in the air. Draco was knocked flying and crushed the ground while Dolu did not even move a step.
        “Give up, intruder. You can’t hurt me,” Dolu said.
        Draco stood up from a pile of rubble and spat the coarse sand out. Her eyes lingered on Dolu for a moment. “I have something to ask you. Why am I an intruder,” she questioned.
        “Because you’re not Lady Aether. So, I’ll treat you as an intruder. I have to drive you out and protect this place.”
        “What is this place then?”
        “...Here is…”
        Draco laughed aloud. “You don’t even know what you’re protecting. What makes you think I’m an intruder? What a joke...And have you ever wondered if the real intruder is actually nobody but Aether?”
        “What?” Dolu’s eyes kept flashing. “Impossible! Lady Aether did everything to save this world.”
        “Haha! I can’t believe you trust her. You’re so naive.” Draco continued disdainfully, “Don’t waste my time. Get lost!”
        “...I won’t let you in. You’re no match for me.”
        “We’ll see.” Draco concentrated the power on her wings and flew into the air. She was injecting much stronger constellation energy to the spear. “I can’t break you, but I can destroy the altar!”
        Then, she threw the spear to the ground ferociously, which began to crush after receiving the impact. Dolu fell to the underground right away when the floor collapsed.
        Luckily, the hole was not deep. Dolu stood up from the rubble with a few scratches——
        “That voice again...Who is talking,” Dolu asked. However, no one responded. The corridor was empty and deserted, without any signs of life.
        “ calling me?” Dolu started puzzling about who was whispering. Its eyes kept glinting, and there were many questions in its head.
        “You don’t even know what you’re protecting…” Draco’s words were bugging Dolu, which had revealed its hidden instinct to pursue the unknowns.
        “I want to know…” Dolu was aware that it had to go back to the ground and stopped Draco as soon as possible, but meanwhile, it was attracted by the voice.
        “I need to know!” It looked determined. Dolu could no longer repress its curiosity and headed towards the direction of that voice...