Suzuko and Woofy took the youkais, who had spread chaos in the realm of Humans, into the depths of a forest — youkais’ territory called the Orient. On the way there, Suzuko never stopped talking: “My master said that we cannot bear ill will toward anyone and we should spread love to all. He also said that even youkais should cultivate a benevolent heart so their power will not lead them onto the wrong path and pass the point of no return. Only by understanding life’s sufferings can one obtain a benevolent heart and only by possessing such a heart can one truly understand life’s true meaning...” The youkais were helpless against Suzuko’s endless ranting, but no matter how irritating she was, the youkais had no ability to resist.

        They kept proceeding into the forest and after going through a thick cloud of mist, they finally saw something other than trees — a lively town. Unlike Humans, midnight full moons are daytime for youkais. To avoid scaring the other youkais, Suzuko took out a number of seals and stuck them to herself and the captured youkais. After ensuring that the seals would not easily fall off, she entered the Orient’s center.

        Suzuko arrived at an enormous infrastructure where Ibarakidouji waited for them at the entrance. Upon seeing Ibarakidouji, Suzuko politely bowed to him, who also bowed in return.

        “I will take care of these malicious youkais. Please go see our chief. It seems like he has information about Douman Ashiya.”

        Upon hearing the name of the evil Onmyōji, fierceness burst from Suzuko's eyes. She clenched her fists and her pneuma uncontrollably conjured sparks around her. Douman Ashiya was an evil creature whom Suzuko and her master had been chasing after. She wanted to eliminate this evil because not only had he been deliberately disrupting the harmonious relationship between Humans and youkais, he was also the one who had killed her parents and master. Just then, Shuten-doji called Suzuko into his hall, calming her down before she stabilized her pneuma.

        Shuten-dōji and Kejourou were discussing something in the room. Kejourou pointed at a village on the map and said to Suzuko: “It was reported that Ashiya’s pneuma was felt in this village. Can you please go and check?” “Consider it done.” Just as Suzuko and her puppy were about to leave the room, Shuten-dōji stopped her and said: “Don’t forget what your master taught you. Hatred is not doing you any good. It will only destroy you.” She nodded as acknowledgement before stepping out of the room.

        Soon afterward, Suzuko and Woofy arrived at the designated village. The village head and other villagers all knelt before her and plead for help: “Finally! Venerable Onmyōji! You have come to save us!” Unable to understand what they meant, Suzuko merely replied, “Hm?” The villagers then guided her toward a house while explaining, “Strange incidents are happening in this village. Livestock has died without reason and the water in the well stinks. Youkais must be behind all these and this house is the most suspicious of all the incidents. We think the people inside are the youkais who have been doing evil deeds in our village!”

        Suzuko and Woofy slowly approached the house when the puppy suddenly crouched down, exposed its sharp teeth, and growled. Upon seeing its reaction, Suzuko immediately realized that the enemy this time would not be easy to defeat, so she took out small bells and wore them on her wrists. She lightly knocked on the door, but received no response. She then tried to push the door open, but the door was locked. Left with no other options, she took out a seal which flew through the door’s crack and opened the lock from inside. Suzuko slowly opened the door and carefully walked into the house. She then closed the door and locked it up again. A wave of silence descended upon the village as the village head and his fellow villagers waited outside the house. Suddenly, female screams could be heard from inside the house; then came sounds of fighting; and finally, cries reverberated before silence filled the village once again. The door opened again as Suzuko slowly walked out of the house. Her red and white Onmyōji outfit was stained with drops of blood. She coldly said, “Youkai, dead.”

        A laughing adolescent clapped his hands with excitement as he emerged from the crowd of villagers with his two-headed snake: “Haha! Abe no Seimei’s disciple, huh? You’ve been tricked by my hallucination jutsu!” He walked right up to Suzuko and mocked her: “What you killed in there were all ordinary Humans. How does it feel knowing that you killed your own kind? Do you feel guilt?” To his surprise, Suzuko suddenly smiled and shook the bells on her wrists. Before he could understand what was happening, sounds of rope breaking rang continuously. All the villagers looked as if they were snapped awake from a dream and asked, “Hm? How strange! Why am I here?” Even the people the adolescent thought were dead walked out of the house unharmed. “What?!” The adolescent was shocked — his hallucination jutsu surprisingly failed.

        Suzuko did not rest. She started dancing with bells. The bells’ jiggles created a gigantic pentagram below Woofy, from which flames leaped around and engulfed the little dog. ‘I have something to do again! Woof!’ The flames dissipated as an enormous godly hound stepped out of the pentagram. Just as the adolescent wanted his snake’s help, the hound had already dashed forward and pinned the snake to the ground. The snake wanted to retaliate, but the hound suddenly ignited with flames. Unable to stand the heat, the two-headed snake could only lie on the ground. The adolescent realized his snake could not triumph, so he turned around and ran, but Suzuko jumped before him and tied him up with a spell: “Where is Douman Ashiya?” The adolescent still wanted to break free, but the more he struggled, the tighter the spell wrapped him...

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