After the creation of the realm by the Primordial Dragons, elements scattered and formed lands and oceans, hence nurturing different life forms. Animals were originally a pure and ordinary species, until Gods of the animal clans chose a part of them to be residents in Utopia and shared their knowledge with them, prompting them to evolve into spiritual beasts. They began to take the form of Humans; the beasts walked on two feet, and held objects with their hands. They also developed intelligence like Humans, and started building a civilization in the depths of forests.

        At first, beasts lived harmoniously, but as their knowledge grew, everything started to change. Knowledge brought evil thoughts into their pure hearts, sowing discord between them. They then divided into various clans, and wars surfaced among them.

        In a clan comprised of wolves, the most exceptional, intelligent, and tactical individual would be selected chieftain. Everyone in the clan had always listened to the chieftain’s orders, until the throne went to the chieftain of this generation. The chieftain deemed itself superior, and all had to fulfill his every whim. Since becoming the chieftain, it grew increasingly condescending, and took no one seriously. Although it was still an excellent leader in the sense of abilities, the other wolves began to loathe its prideful personality. However, the chieftain thought their disgust exactly highlighted the difference between the other wolves and himself. In his eyes, they were merely jealous of him, so he generously “accepted” their hatred and even enjoyed it...

        “I am all. All judgments shall be mine to deliver!” — Proud Wolf Chieftain

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