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        Looking at the broken puppet on her work desk, Lisa said...

        “Pinocchio, I have never been lonely! Because I have always had you...”

        Lisa had built Pinocchio back when she was in Holylight City. She was alone at the time, and her solitude brought loneliness. To create some fun despite her isolation, she produced Pinocchio. At first, it was a complete yet ordinary puppet. Every day, Pinocchio would talk with Lisa, cheering her up. The ever-frowning Lisa, hence, had her feeling of lost and uneasiness soothed.

        When Agnesi and Gretchen appeared in her life, Lisa began to understand that she was also a person. Her feeling of being abandoned by the world was just a misguided conclusion. Agnesi and Gretchen could give her warmth. Although Lisa never smiled, she frowned a lot less. Most of the time, she would have a tranquil appearance. However, such warmth from Agnesi and Gretchen had reduced the attention Pinocchio got from Lisa...

        Pinocchio did not complain at all. It silently guarded Lisa by her side and helped the scholars modify the ruins. It took the role of an observer, keeping watch of Lisa, and witnessing Monstro and Vouivre’s birth...

        That day, Lisa worked at the ruins as she would every day.

        “Boom —”

        “Lisa, watch out!” Gretchen shouted.

        A wall behind Lisa collapsed towards her. She channeled her Ancient Dragon Power; but it was too late. Just as she was about to be crushed, a figure pushed Lisa away. Dust diffused into the air; Pinocchio was lying under the rubble. Lisa hastily walked towards it, only to hear it ask:

        “ lonely?”

        “No, stop talking!”


        After its words, the light in Pinocchio’s eyes dimmed; Only the tearful Lisa remained...