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        “I feel great here. This place is truly a cat paradise.” Twinkle lied down on a soft bed, enjoying the moment while maids were fanning and giving her a massage. She took a sip of milk and said contentedly, “These days we’ve been bustling about tedious chores and stealing someone’s treasure with the thieves. Paradise like this was never for us to imagine”

        “Nom nom… Delicious! Well, we’ve taken a great risk to sneak into this mansion. Now we’re just slacking off...ah no, scouting the enemy's base.” Biggie, the eldest sister , told her siblings when she was enjoying the delicate fish cuisine.

        Tristan, the youngest brother, pounced on the maid’s thighs, asking for a scratch. “Maybe Tim is mistaken about something? Cullinan stinks but he seems nice.”

        Twinkle recalled the dangerous situation when they were caught. She thought Cullinan would have tortured them. However…

        “Your eyes are beautiful…” Cullinan complimented shaking the triplets hard. Poor Twinkle had fainted again immediately after she woke up.

        Having regained her consciousness, she found herself in a room with the finest fish cuisines, the best personal services and the toys that every cats would die for. Just a moment, her stomach was bulging with food.

        Twinkle suddenly got a stomachache for her overeating, and she got up too look for a washroom. As she was going to ask for the direction, she overheard the maids’ gossips at the corner. “Ew! Their hair is all over my dress.”

        “Tell me about it! So much hair got into my nose that I had to try so hard not to sneeze when giving them massages.”

        “Be patient. Soon they’ll suffer!”

        Twinkle felt something wrong with the maids’ conversations. So she endured the stomachache and told Biggie and Tristan everything she just heard .

        “Never judge a book by its cover. They’re going to hurt us...Scary...Ouch, my stomach.”

        “Humans can’t be trusted. Biggie, we better leave as soon as possible.”

        “Alright, let’s go before they catch us.”

        Twinkle continued pressing her tummy with hands, following her sister and brother to the door. To keep a low profile, Biggie spinned the lever gently to avoid making any noise. But the door was locked.

        “Darn it! It’s locked! Any other way out?” Biggie looked around, but there was nothing inside except the door.

        “Come over here. There’s breeze coming from heret.” Tristan went to the front of a cabinet and found that the wind was breezing on the top.

        “Breeze… there should be a vent up there. Come on! Let’s climb...Ouch! My stomach hurts again. You go first.”

        Twinkle gave way to Biggie and Tristan while pressing her stomach. The two of them held the edge in a tight grip and successfully leapt to the top in the blink of an eye.

        Twinkle raised her hands, asking them to give her a lift. “Hey help me up,” she said.

        Biggie and Tristan grabbed her paws and trying to pull her up to the top. But a maid busted them and went over with fake smiles. “Where are you up to, kitties? You can’t find any food up there,” asked the maids.

        The maid grabbed Twinkle’s legs and pulled her down from the top. Biggie and Tristan were freaked out, grabbing her back right away to stop her from falling. Both sides were wrestling with each other.

        “Ahhhh! My legs! You’re breaking me! Ouch! Don’t pull my hair! I don’t want to be hairless!” Twinkle was pulled and dragged as if this was a tug of war.

        “Hang in there! We can’t give in,” Biggie shouted.

        Soon, the maid brought reinforcement to stop Twinkle from escaping. “Don’t even think about leaving! We’ve prepared a special show for you.”

        “No no no! I heard what you said at the corner!” Twinkle struggled to break free. With intense movements and great anxiety, her stomach starting aching again.

        “I can’t hold it any longer!!”

        Twinkle relaxed her body to fart loudly like an air horn; and the terrible smell had driven the maids to let go immediately.

        When the smell faded away, the three cats were all gone. “The kittens escaped! The kittens escaped!” they yelled.