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        Two armed men interrupted the sensational journey between Long Yangjun and the burly man. The man brought up the rear was Lü Bu, another was Yuan Shao the flatterer.

        “Master Lü Bu, just pass through this alley and we’ll arrive at the forge...What the hell! What-what are you two half-dressed men doing here?”

        Long Yangjun sneered, giving a mocking gaze at the exasperated Yuan Shao. “Are you blind? Isn’t it obvious?” He was not ashamed but responded naturally.

        “I’m not blind!” The rage of Yuan Shao made the burly man cower; Long Yangjun, nevertheless, held him back with his legs and whispered, “just ignore them. Isn’t it even more exciting with the audience watching?”

        “You-you shameless sissy! How dare you taint the great master Lü Bu’s eyes with your dissipated behavior! Outrageous!”

        Yuan Shao drew his blade to wield at Long Yangjun, but it was a miss. At the same time, Long Yangjun and the burly man had vanished.

        “Yuan Shao, behind you!” Lü Bu alerted him to the danger. Yuan Shao failed to react in time, causing himself disarmed by a swift shadow. Worse still, he got his private part pinched.

        “It seems you don’t know how to hold your blade. What a waste.” The shadow was Long Yangjun, who turned around gracefully and put the weapon close to Yuan Shao’s neck.

        A moment ago, Long Yangjun kicked the burly man away before Yuan Shao swung his blade, crouched down to dodge the attack and went around him from behind rapidly.

        “Whoa! Leave me alone!” Falling down to the ground, the burly man freaked out and crawled away. “Well well, because of you, my lovely prey has ran away. Apologize now!” He glared at Yuan Shao with a frown.

        “Why should I——” Yuan Shao’s refution was stopped by a slap. Lü Bu looked at him fiercely. “Enough! Apologize to Mr. Long now!”

        “What? Mr...Long?” Yuan Shao was completely shocked. “So you’re that expert blacksmith Long Yangjun?”

        “Who are you then?”

        “I’m Lü Bu, the future ruler of the world. I’m here to ask you to forge——”

        “I refuse.” Long Yangjun threw away Yuan Shao’s blade as their appearance had ruined the mood. Yet Lü Bu’s words kept him from leaving——

        “Long Yangjun, your father passed away when you were 5 years old. Your mother remarried when you were 7. Because of your beauty, the 8-year-old you became your stepfather’s——Em!?” Lü Bu parried Long Yangjun’s dagger with his halberd. The dagger was forged by Long Yangjun and carried every day.

        “Sneak attack is a bad habit,” said Lü Bu.

        “Still better than exposing one’s trauma.” Long Yangjun’s intense bloodlust made Yuan Shao cringe.

        On the contrary, Lü Bu smiled, for battling with skillful martial artist was the only thing mattered to him. Lü Bu stepped backward to initiate an attack again, commencing the battling between them Soon, both of them struck back and forth close to 100 times in an instant. Their breath also became heavy.

        Long Yangjun’s bloodlust began to settle; Instead, a sense of satisfaction took over his mind. Deep down his heart, he acknowledged Lü Bu’s strength.

        “This man is destined to have remarkable achievement.” Long Yangjun concluded based on past experience.

        “Let’s finish this!” Lü Bu held his halberd and wore a satisfied smile. Long Yangjun took up the gauntlet with a grin, raised his leg and went all out with a final strike——

        The halberd could not stand the intense fight and eventually was broken into half by Long Yangjun, piercing into the ground.

        “I lose.” Despite the fact that Lü Bu had lost the fight, his unyielding attitude made him sound like the winner.

        “...How can you be so relieved with the fact that you lost?”

        “I’ve tried my best to fight, and I have no regret.”

        “Hahaha…” Long Yangjun bursted into laughter suddenly. “I’ve never seen someone arrogant like you. Interesting, I’m sure you’re qualified enough to master my weapon.”

        Long Yangjun hooked his finger towards Lü Bu, “come with me. I’ll make you an unparalleled weapon!”