Since Abraham disappeared, Huifre learnt to use elemental power and weapons for Athena, who pour edgod power into Huifre to grant her immortality. She helped Athena kill many Demons in battles.

        The mighty god power could not help her find her brother. The only thing about Abraham she could remember was the dream she had in her fever. The dream got clearer as time passed by and it became a part of her memory. She could see that room from the dream just by closing her eyes.

        Huifre experienced countless battles. Blood bathed her daily, but the silence of the room never changed. She pushed away weeds and rocks and found the slingshot, the pebbles, the bamboo, and the fletch. They lay on the ground as always. The pebbles reminded her of the time she played with her brother in a creek. If she saw any pebbles she liked, Abraham would get in the water to pick them up. If she wanted to take a close look at baby birds in a nest, he would get the nest down with a stick. The twins feared nothing. They would go as far as to search for a treasure under rotten skeletons, which only got them a fletch, but it was good enough for them. Sometimes Abraham would make slingshots and harpoons to hunt small animals in the jungle.

        Huifre digged deeper and deeper.

         All she found was gravel and weeds.

        She woke up. Beneath her back were dried weeds out of nowhere. The house looked messy, as if someone had searched through the place..

        ’I miss my brother too much…”She rubbed her palms — stained in dust.

        At another night, she did not dream of the room. Instead, she dreamed of an ocean, a rusty chain, and the heartbeat she had heard before...Someone was sleep-talking. Someone was drowning himself in remorse. Someone was calling her name…

        She never told Athena about this.

        ’Athena...Elemental power is pouring back to the realm. The demons will grow stronger. Please, Mistress, command me. Let me guard the realm and gods...from the claws of demons.’ Since Huifre had the dream in the ocean, she realized what to do with her lost life. Today she volunteered to station in the Holy City, but she did not sound confident.

        Athena stared at her with suspicion. After moments of pause, she accepted Huifre’s offer, and threatened, ‘If you try to reach for your brother, he will disappear in a second. I hope you bear that in mind. Don’t do anything unnecessary.’

        She nodded quietly and left. Once she left Athena, she headed to shores of different regions in search of the wide ocean in her dream and traces of Abraham…

        However, she never managed.

        One day, Huifre came to a dead gray sea. Clouds of all colors floated in the sky, not a bird could be seen. She heard from Athena that these signs indicated a coming storm, caused by the backflow of elemental power to the realm through the Enochian Tower. Huifre felt something she could not describe. The gray ocean looked so familiar. Blood pounded in her chest and she yelled, ‘Brother! Are you here?’

        No one replied but the waving sea and blowing wind.

        ’Huifre is here! Can you hear me...?’ Her heart raced. To her, the sea ​​breeze felt like her brother’s breath. She believed Abraham was floating somewhere in this ocean. The thought drove her to dive into the water. Waves glided past her…

        Huifre heard the twittering birds, the chirping cicadas, and the rustling grass...

        Huifre found herself in a dense forest. Branches and leaves, not water, covered her body. She realized she was no longer in the gray ocean, but a unknown pine forest. She trembled as the voice of Athena reminded her of the curse in her head. Her brother was definitely there. The thought that she could never jump into that ocean and that she would never meet Abraham again filled her with helplessness. Despair strangled her.

        ’Brother, I miss you so much…’ Closing her eyes put her into that familiar room again. She heard the sound of sea waves and smelled the odor of salt. She could no longer distinguish her dream from reality. She would do anything to meet her brother again, even if they were million miles away from each other. She kept pushing away the soaked weeds and the wet gravel. Her sticky hands reached out for something to no avail. She hoped to catch her brother’s shadow. She hoped to find an entrance to the gray ocean. She hoped her brother was just next to her waiting for her to notice.

        ’Yellow...Green...Yellow…’Different kinds of grass spread out on the ground. She picked them up and counted the colors… that one summer night.

        She felt something cold and rough inside her hands. Tears welled up in her eyes. She opened her hands and cried, ‘Why is Brother’s grass rope lying in my hand…?’

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