The power of Qinglong was originally granted by the Gods. However, after the Gods took its godly power back, the dragon gained a new power from the will of the ascetics and had been answering peoples’ wishes by helping them stay away from war since then. However, the war lasted for a very long time and disasters struck everywhere. Qinglong knew its power was not enough therefore it learned the whereabouts of the Dragon King of the Sea from some ancient books in hope that the king would replenish the jewel with his power. Qinglong and the Hermit of Dainty Rivers together looked for the Dragon King’s castle and so they delved into related writings of history and finally found his imperial villa in a stream deep in the mountains. The two defeated the king’s servants and double, but they were already exhausted when the King appeared before them.

        The Dragon King recognized their strengths, but he was concerned about what would happen if he shared his power with someone else, therefore he was unwilling to refill the jewel held in Qinglong’s claw with his power. After their begging and a little trickery, the King finally agreed to do so, yet a justification to grant them his power was necessary. With careful considerations of the pros and cons which his actions would bring to the palace, the King decided to recruit Qinglong into his army and continue his pact with the Gods, ensuring that Qinglong would only follow his orders ever since. For this, Qinglong must refine his power alone and part company with the Hermit of Dainty Rivers. Hearing the news, the hermit decided to help Qinglong obtain his new power. He became an inner part of Qinglong and he merged with the dragon so that they would live and die as one. Qinglong was finally recognized by the Dragon King and was given the title of “the Prime King”, praised by other ascetics as one of the “Five Venerated Wardens”.

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