Sera were glad to help Jarno to ascend the throne. She sent blue butterflies to spread hypnotic scales as he instructed. The king and the other princes fell into a deep sleep.

        ’Jarno...Your highness. I’m afraid they won’t wake up any time soon…’ The doctor bowed to the ministers and Jarno.

        ’We must do something. Our country needs a king to lead it…’ As Jarno pretended to be troubled, one of them yelled, ‘Please ascend the throne, your highness.’ His words sparked discussion in the royal court. The courtiers all nodded to the suggestion.

        Jarno pretended to be hesitant about it, but accepted it anyway.

        ’Are you the king now? Are you?’ Sera threw herself into Jarno’s arms and repeated the question several times.

        Jarno smiled, held Sera’s hand, and said gently, ‘Let’s go to our new home—the castle, Sera.’

        Sera’s heart pounded and urged her to go with Jarno, but she remembered the leader of fairies should not leave the forest. Jarno read her depressed face and said ,’Be my queen. That will represent the beginning of harmony between humans and fairies. You’ll be the leader of fairies and my wife at the same time.

        Jarno’s persuasion cleared Sera’s mind. She left with him.

        ’So this is the place you live in...It’s completely different from the forest!’ Sera fluttered her wings and looked around every corner. Jarno raised his head to view the bright moon, lost in deep thought. A blue dot appeared in the night sky—a blue butterfly nervously flew to Sera and cried.

         ‘Miss Sera...Help us! Humans are slaughtering the fairies in the fo-!’ Jarno crushed the butterfly in his fist, and Sera witnessed all of it.

        ’What have you done! What happened to my fairies-’ A sharp pain in the chest stunned Sera..,

        ‘Forgive me, Sera.’ Jarno thrust a knife into her chest. She could not bear the pain, fell to the ground, and cried, ‘Why...Why...Jarno…’

        ’You knew my desire for my father’s power,’ Jarno said, looking relieved, ‘Humans and fairies can never get along. If my people find out a fairy helped me ascend the throne, they will-' A dazzling blue light swallowed Sera up. She exploded into a swarm of blue butterflies. They covered every inch of Jarno. He screamed and swung his hands trying to drive them away. Moments later, the butterflies devoured Jarno.

        The blue butterflies spread away. A bloody hand holding a long sword was left on the ground. The blue butterflies regathered and formed human-shaped a cocoon. A ray of light broke from the inside as Sera walked out of it.

. Sera lowered her head and stared at the bloody hand. The immense sorrow left her speechless. She lingered for a moment and headed back to the forest, which was coated in flames and smoke. Sera screamed in remorse. The ocean reacted to her wails with tidal surges.The first wave flooded the forest and put off the fire. The second wave inundated the walls, the people, the farms, and the castle...The first tsunami for over a hundred years wiped out the country and its people overnight in Sera’s scream.

        The dawn painted sky orange and purple. Sera let water flow through her feet with her back turned to the sea. She calmed the sea with her hymns. What happened last night felt like a dream, a nightmare to Sera. A blue butterfly stopped at Sera’s shoulder.

        ’We should go, to the forest where we won’t ever see any humans again, Miss Sera’

Sera wiped her eyes and nodded. Her wings brought her away from this dead land.

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