With the king’s approval, Swegde and her two escorting generals arrived at Gard, a coastal town renowned for excavating volcanic ores and fishing. Although Gard was the origin of Rainbow Opals, none had information regarding the Bifrost Rainbow Bridge that led into Asgard. Fortunately, Swegde met an archaeologist that sped her expedition onward. From his research data, Swegde discovered the notes of an archaeologist who had reached Asgard a few centuries earlier. It stated that Midgard was actually the key to Bifrost Rainbow Bridge.

        Gard had been called Midgard in the past. Yet, this name change was not the only difference. Most of its land had sunk under the sea; only the outskirts remained, serving as Gard’s coast. Though the notes did not show Midgard’s exact location, Swegde could see that it was located in Gard’s coastal waters. Therefore, Swegde tried to hire a boat, and was about to embark on her voyage when the fishermen stopped her.

        “There’re a lot of volcanoes down there in those seas, and the wind’s inconsistent. It’s dangerous if a storm comes! Don’t go out there if you treasure your life, miss.” The fishermen tried to dissuade Swegde.

        “I have to go!” This was about her country’s future. With the population living under the threat of a demonic invasion, how could she drop out so easily? Not only did the fishermen fail to talk Swegde out of the idea, they were also scared of sailing onto the sea. Therefore, upon her repeated requests, they could only sell her the boat to go by herself.

        As there were myriad volcanoes, the lava formed into numerous ridges. This, combined with the unstable weather on the sea made Swegde’s journey difficult. Even when she finally managed to land on one of the many volcanic islands, she never found the bridge, forcing her to continue her journey. Resources on the boat were nearly exhausted, the air started to thicken, and the temperature gradually dropped. Swegde’s boat entered the seas farther to the north — it was the real Midgard.

        However, even on this ice island named Midgard, Swegde still could not locate the Bifrost Rainbow Bridge. Just as the bemused Swegde was about to seek another island again, a volcano nearby suddenly erupted! The blast created huge waves, vigorously shaking and rolling the boat, nearly causing it to sink. The waves gradually pushed the boat away from the coast. The burning lava generated shreds of steam upon contact with the icy water. The steam evaporated into the wind which was blowing by, merging into the sky above together. When sunlight shone through the layers of steam, rainbows appeared in the sky.

        “The land’s anger triggers the ocean’s arrogance. Hued clouds emerge...the multicolored bridge leads where the light falls...” Swegde murmured the legends, “so this is the legendary rainbow bridge...” Swegde watched as the rainbows aligned parallel to each other, forming a levitating bridge, the end of which was a faraway land.

        On Asgard, through her personal effort, Swegde attained the Relics of Freyr, Deity of the Sea. She also received recognition from Asgard’s guardian, inheriting the sword and armor that had once belonged to Freyr. Later, she returned to the kingdom with the Relics, and reforged them into weapons needed to banish the Demons. After successfully restoring peace to the kingdom, Swegde soon acceded to the throne as a respected queen.

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