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        “How come I have given birth to a monster?” his mother said hysterically

        “Stone the monster to death!” The children teased him relentlessly.

        Born with the appearance of a monster, Ra was abused and bullied — living the life of a street rat. Even at night, he would not go out to look for food unless he was wearing a hooded cloak.

        One night when he was looking for food in an alley, he saw a group of young adults surrounding an old man with wooden sticks in their hands. The wooden cart that the old man used for hawking was rolled over. Seeing that, Ra rushed forward and shouted. “How dare you bully an old man! Do you have no shame?”

        “ How dare you stop us! Who do you think you are?” Wielding their weapons, the young adults closed in on Ra.

        Ra looked around. There was nothing he could use as a weapon. He could only block the attack with his arms. All of a sudden, a blazing dazzling ray of light emerged from Ra’s hands. The ray lighted up the whole alley and blinded the young adults, leaving them with no choice but to retreat. As Ra’s hands returned to normal, he himself was also shocked about what had just happened.

        After calming down, Ra immediately hid himself in a dark corner. The old man stood with difficulty, and walked towards Ra.

        “Thanks for your help.”

        “You’re welcome.”

        “Why do you have to hide?”

        “Because I look like a monster. I don’t want to terrify you.”

        “Physical beauty is nothing. Only your heart can reflect the reality.”

        “But people only judge the others according to their appearance...”

        “Their shallowness should not affect your passion.” The old man took out an eagle mask and gave it to Ra as a present.

        “I am not asking for anything in return.” Ra gave the mask back to the old man.

        “It’s just my simple token of appreciation. I could give you nothing else. I make nice masks. Please accept it.”

        The old man was too enthusiastic for Ra to reject his present.

        Since then, Ra had been wearing the mask wherever he traveled to. In his journey, he had seen all the ugly faces of humanity - callousness, selfishness and shallowness. Ra lamented the injustice of the world, and determined to set things right...