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        Ra met Shu and Tefnut in his journey. Shu and Tefnut agreed with Ra - they should set things right in the chaotic world. They hoped that they could change the world. The three wandered around, adventuring together.

         As years went by, Ra, Shu and Tefnut gradually discovered that people in the world have been corrupted long ago. There was no possibility for them to change. Seeing cities falling one after another, Ra came up with a new plan...

        He no longer wanted to change the mindset of people in the world. All he wanted to do was to create an ideal Utopia with his own power. Ra knew that he could not achieve it on his own, so he shared his plan with Ra and Tefnut and asked for their help. Learning about the details, the two happily accepted Ra’s plan and invitation. The three started building “Utopia” according to their ideals.

        “The air here is so fresh. It’s different from that of a city!” said Shu excitedly.

        “And there are various animals too...” Tefnut bent down to look at a husk of rabbits.

        “It seems we have found our Utopia,” Ra said as he looked around.

        The three arrived at a thick forest. It has never been trampled and devastated by humans, and retained its natural appearance. To ensure the ideals were met, Ra asked Tefnut to create a lake deep in the forest with rainwater , and asked Shu to provide it with more fresh air... The whole environment was gradually built up, but the three still thought the forest was lacking something. With a sudden epiphany, Ra found different kinds of animals and put them there.

        “Compared with those greedy and selfish humans, these simple animals are more suitable to live with us in this Utopia.” The three of them finally created Spiritual Civilization using the Ancestral Elements brought by Shu. Later, Ra chose the brave and decisive lion among the animals to be the tribal chief.

        “From now on, you are the leader of Spiritual Civilization. You should protect every member of the tribe and this Utopia which belongs to all of you for the rest of your life.” He told the lion.