As usual, Ra soared through the sky, looking down on Spiritual Civilization created by him and his companions.

        The beasts had been innocent and kind at the beginning, but, as time went by, they became increasingly wise, and wicked ideas started springing onto their minds. They were no longer as united as before, and had split into different tribes; they were no longer as peaceful as before, warring with each other continuously.

        Finally, Ra realized that the so-called “Utopia” was nothing more than a dream. There is no life without evil. Their relationship was just like the light and the shaded darkness - wherever there is light, there is shadow. Ra no longer wanted to create an ideal world; justice became his desire... All of a sudden, he was awakened from his deep thoughts by a clamor. He noticed that a fledgling was being beaten by two werewolves in the forest.

        “Thief! You’re always coming to steal from our boss! We must make you suffer!”

        “Give back what you’ve stolen!”

        “No! Never!”

        The werewolves beat the defenseless fledgling hard, leaving him no choice but to protect his head feebly with his hands. Suddenly, a dazzling ray of light shone out blinding the werewolves giving no choice but to leave. The little bird immediately checked his loot. Fortunately, none was damaged.

        Ra came forth to him. “Are you alright?” he asked. The bird took a quick look at the god and shook his head.

        “The stuff inside the back... Is it important?”

        The bird nodded.

        “Why were you beaten?”

        “It is because... I have stolen their boss’s stuff...”

        “You should not steal. It’s wrong... ”

        “The ones who are wrong are they! They raid houses, what they looted is inside the bag! I am just returning them to their original owners... ” The bird interrupted Ra. He was angry at being lectured by someone seemingly ignorant.

        Ra was surprised. He had never thought the reason behind could be that far-reaching. In order to achieve justice, sometimes extreme measures are inevitable. Stealing should have been an unrighteous behavior, but, in this case, it was really hard to identify who was right and who was wrong. Ra laughed at himself. He had never thought that it would be so hard to distinguish between good and evil.

        Ra crouched down. “Your name is...?”


        Ra blessed him as he said, “You will grow a pair of strong and powerful rings. You shall inherit my will, so that the evil will be punished and the good will be rewarded as they should be.”

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