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Imperial Heroes - The Finishing Battle Ch.12

        This was a beautiful day with clear sky and nice weather. In contrast to the uplifting vibe, a sea of troops were standing by at the Imperial Square, which made the atmosphere extra intense.

        “Lady Sima, everything is ready. The army can set off anytime,” a general reported to Sima Yi politely, who was standing in front of the Imperial Palace.

        After a nod, Sima Yi entered the empty palace and headed straight to the central hall——where Cao Cao was standing next to the throne and staring at Xiahou Dun inside the coven. Cao Cao even brought glacial ice to chill her body in order to keep it from rotten.

        “Lord Cao Cao, it’s time to set off,” said Sima Yi, bowing to Cao Cao. Despite their intimate relationship, she never took advantage of that, for privileges meant insults to her intelligence.

        “Have you prepared the stuff I asked you for?”

        “It’s only one call away.”

        “Excellent,” Cao Cao said with a smile of satisfaction. He farewelled Xiahou Dun for one last time by stroking her cold cheek softly. After the last goodbye, he put on the cape hanging on the throne and walked out of the palace. When he looked at the troops, Sima Yi commanded, “archers step forward!”

        A division with a few hundreds of archers stepped forward with bows and fire arrows in their hands. At this moment, Cao Cao commanded, “shoot the palace!”

        All soldiers were perplexed and lost when they heard the order, but they eventually fired the arrows under Cao Cao’s intimidating gaze. Next second, the whole palace was burning fiercely.

        “Dun, can you see that? This is the memorial fire I ignited for you,” Cao Cao mumbled with a wicked smile, and he continued, “Dun, one more moment. We’ll see each other soon.”

        “He’s not coming back...This is a battle with no return,” Sima Yi pondered as she stared at Cao Cao’s face brightened up by the fire.

        Sima Yi needed no speech to figure out what was on Cao Cao’s mind. She knew Cao Cao even better than Xiahou Dun did, for they actually had very similar souls.

        The army set off while the fire was burning down the palace. They took the military trail that linked directly to Kingdom Wu; meanwhile, Sun Quan had never expected such a quick strike from Cao Cao. Although they managed to seal the gate and defend themselves, the Cao’s army had already occupied an advantaged spot.

        Even with the advantaged position, the Cao’s army still had the lower hand in the battle as the number of casualties was going up. While they were struggling to break the tough defense of the Sun’s army, threats were approaching from behind too.

        “Lord Cao, Lü Bu’s and Liu Bei’s army are on their way. I’m afraid that they’ll arrive within today,” Sima Yi reported to Cao Cao who was observing the battle. His expression remained calm when he gazed at the moat filled with corpses, as if those were just meaningless dead bugs.

        “What a bugger. I’ll lead the troops and eliminate them then.”

        Just when Cao Cao was ready to engage in the battle, Sima Yi dragged his arm to stop him. Then she grinned brightly at the perplexed Cao Cao.

        “They’re not your target. Plus you don’t need to win. All you need is to make them lose,” said Sima Yi

        “...What’s your plan?”

        “Haha. Finally there’s something that the great Cao Cao can’t figure out.”

        Dragging Cao Cao back to the commander seat, Sima Yi bowed in courtesy and said, “please remain in your seat and watch the surprise I prepared for you.”

        Sima Yi then put on her armor and went to a place where dozens of trolleys were parked. Each one was guarded by a team of soldiers, who were the elites trained Sima Yi herself. All of them had an impenetrable determination in their gaze.

        “Devote your lives for Kingdom Cao!”

        Sima Yi’s pep talk ignited the soldiers’ spirits.

        “FOR KINGDOM CAO!”

        “Let’s go!” The strike team put on their capes and sprinted towards the gate. This was their first battle, but also the last.

        While they were marching on, the Sun’s army kept shooting rocks and arrows at them. Many of the soldiers were down, but the attack never slowed them down. All the trolleys remained on the same route heading to the gate.

        “Mmm!” An arrow was shot into Sima Yi’s left shoulder, but she gritted her teeth to withstand the pain. By the time the strike team arrived at the gate, only half of the trolleys made it to the destination. All the surviving soldiers were critically injured.

        “Open the trolleys!” As Sima Yi commanded, the soldiers acted quickly, revealing tons of explosives.

        At this moment, Cao Cao finally realized Sima Yi’s plan. With the anger and anxiety in his heart, he hopped on rode his horse as fast as he could. Meanwhile, he shouted, “STOP! SIMA YI!”

        Yet Sima Yi refused to listen. Ready to die, she ordered her sucide squad, “soldiers, detonate!”

        BOOM! BOOM! All the explosives were detonated at the gate, clouding the battlefield with thick smoke and fire. At this moment, the gate finally stumbled.

        The Cao’s army cheered loudly, except for Cao Cao. Arriving at the moat, he lifted up the critically wounded Sima Yi after the explosion. With her body mutilated, she managed to give a proud grin in spite of all the blood on her face.

        “I...finally...checkmated you...Now you’ll...never…” Sima Yi’s volume gradually went low, and became silent eventually.

        Cao Cao stroked her eyelid to close her eyes. When he looked up, all he saw was a beautiful sky, as if it was mocking his misfortune.

        “HAHAHAHA——!” Laughing like a Maniac, Cao Cao dropped Sima Yi and hopped on his horse. Then he pointed his sword at the gate to command.