On the border of Sinha, warriors assembled all the rookies who were enlisted for the war for their country. Those warriors were veterans of hundred battles, proud to serve the king until death.

        Agni, just like other rookies, held his breath, waiting for the warriors to take action. As horns were played, the trial started and the warriors attacked the rookies together. This was the rule set by Varuna, king of Sinha, for training and screening the bravest army for the country even in the face of strong opponents. Shrinking back in horror was not accepted.

        With the strong physique of Agni, he was able to deal with 3 opponents at the same time; as their urumis were about to reach Agni, he immediately lifted a rookie right beside him, threw at them and stole their weapons with speed. In the blink of an eye, Agni put the weapon close to their necks.

        An hour passed. The remaining rookies on the battle stage had successfully passed the trial, and so did Agni. After joining Sinha army, he was given wealth and property, living a better life.

        Nightlife of Sinha was dazzling. A group of coquettish ladies danced seductively to please the drunk, purirent men. Agni, sitting on a couch, was looking at these men with high authority.

        “So they're are the high-rank officials in the country...Humph, not enough. I need to become the real conqueror, taking sole control of this land!” Agni, after being promoted to an elite, was still not satisfied, for he knew only by becoming the most powerful man in the country, he could achieve his plan——

        “I will destroy chakras!” Agni said as he gritted his teeth.

        Then, there was a sweet smell of perfume in the air. A lady sat close to him, blowing into his ear. Agni glanced at her, who then started dancing with her voluptuous figure. This lady had beautiful henna all over her body. As she moved, it made the drawings more vibrant under the light.

        Agni caught her drape and pulled her into his arms. To his surprise, the lady asked him, “are you trying to destroy chakras?”

        The question had aroused his vigilance. “Oh? Do you have any idea,” he gave a sinister smile while choking her with hands.

        “Varuni has the same plan with master Agni.” The lady was not afraid at all, responding with a seductive smile. Then, Varuni showed him the miraculous effect of her henna, which could anaesthetize people's mind after drawing the patterns.

        Afterwards, the soldiers led by Agni were all put on the henna; with its effect, they became valiant and skillful, killing triple number of enemies in the war. As the battle ended, Agni rose to fame and started drawing Varuna's attention.

        On the highest tower of the imperial city, Agni stood behind the king, feeling the hails of the warriors sending from the ground. Varuna gazed at the sky and shouted, “hahahaha! The whole country is under my feet!”

        “The world will soon be yours,” Agni paid him a compliment.

        As long as he could become the king's right-hand man, he could use Varuna's power to destroy the chakras!

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