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Name Rage of the Roar - Skeggjald Attribute InvFire Fire
Id No. 1312 Rarity 7★ Cost 14 Race InvGod God Series Valkyries of Divine Wine
Lv Max 99 Exp
6,000,000 Max
Basic Properties HP Attack Recovery Total Sacrifice Exp Sell Value
Lv 1 1258871234 2363 Lv 1 1800 5000
Lv 99 2492 1610 532 4634 Per Lv +800 +200
Active Skill Name Oppressive Savagery - EX Lv. 1
21 Lv. 12
Effect For 2 Rounds, Team Attack x 1.8; weaken the Attack of all enemies by 85%; nullify all Damage-reducing Skills.
Leader Skill Name Prerogative of Inferno
Effect Fire Attack x 3.5; Recovery x 2.
Amelioration Skills
Refine1 Amelioration Skill 1:
Monster's HP +170
Refine2 Amelioration Skill 2:
Monster's Active Skill CD - 4 after entering a Stage
Refine3 Amelioration Skill 3:
Monster's HP +340
Refine4 Amelioration Skill 4:
If a group of 3 or more Runestones are dissolved in the column below the Monster, Team Attack +10% for that Round (Runestones dissolved when dropping would not trigger the effect).
Battle Determination in the Wine
Power Release
Origin Friend Point
No Diamond
No Others

Book Backstory:

        “I will definitely return triumphant...I will definitely return triumphant!” Skeggjald murmured.

        She lifted up one giant tree trunk, continuously waved it with all her strength and fought off the Demonic soldiers in front of her. The Demonic soldiers were either thrown away or chopped into smithereens…

        Skeggjald In the face of powerful Demons, Skeggjald didn't hesitate to take them down so that Tyr and Thor’s army would have enough time to retreat.

        Under Skeggjald’s powerful attacks, the Demonic soldiers steadily retreated. When Skeggjald thought that all Demons will soon be defeated, a black shadow dashed at her from afar with a cage made of bones in hand. The bars on the cage were dense. One could only see some dark creatures rampaging inside.

        “Helpers!” A Demonic soldier screamed.

        “Helpers?” Skeggjald squinted at the cage.

        The shadow in black hat looked like a wizard. The shadow suddenly threw the cage in front of Skeggjald as he rushed towards her. As the bird cage fell to the ground, it cracked to open and the creatures inside immediately flooded Skeggjald—
        These were a swarm of black bugs resembling flying ants.

        “What?” Skeggjald shouted and immediately wielded the giant trunk to sweep the cage away. But the flying ants were everywhere. They crawled on Skeggjald’s legs and she had to put down the trunk to dust the ants off. However, as soon as she touched the ants, they crawled on her hands. After a while, her arms, legs, head and neck were all covered with ants, and sharp pain ran through her body.

        “Darn it! Stop biting me!” She swatted at her neck. Blood immediately tainted her hand.

        The Demonic soldiers were amused. They prayed for the Demonic ants to swallow her.

        Skeggjald was in so much pain that she knelt onto the ground. She felt as if the skin on her arms and legs were being torn apart, and pain shot through her back. A thought flashed through her mind—
        She had become Demonic ants’ food.
        She had become food for the Demonic ants, and they were going to swallow her.
        And she would die.
        But she was a Valkyrie, and losing was not an option.

        “You won’t have your way! Definitely not!” Bearing the severe pain, Skeggjald slowly crawled towards the giant tree trunk and picked up the axe with all her might, screaming—

        Instantly, she felt great heat engulf her body as if shehad just drank a bottle of wine or she was scorching under the fire. Fire elements around her gradually gathered and engulfed the axe, flowing towards Skeggjald’s arms. Instantly, her body was in fire along with the ants on her body.

        Although she was burning in fire, Skeggjald’s mind was at peace. With each step she took forward, the path she walked would immediately set on fire. The bush soon became a sea of fire. The Demonic soldiers were panicking. Some of them ran away while others found shelters to hide, but none of them could run away with Skeggjald’s determination to burn down every one of them.

        Skegg faltered. Her eyes was as red as the burning fire. She seemed to see a red-haired little girl in hands with a man, walking out of the forest with smile across their faces…

        “Thank you...Boss...”

        The bush was a mess. Corpses were all over the land, but their faces were already indistinguishable.

        A ray of light suddenly flashed among the scorched land.
        Tyr picked it up. It was Skeggjald’s axe. The axe was sharp, with warmth passing through its steel handle as if it was newly forged.

        “Skeggjald, my valkyrie, rest in peace.”

        Tyr wrapped the axe with his robe and marched towards the south. He walked all the way from the barren land to the green hill and soon arrived at a pub in a quiet town.

        He pushed the door and walked inside.

        “Welcome to...” Upon seeing Tyr’s face and his armor, the pub owner was startled.

        “You are…?”

        “I am Tyr, Skeggjald’s comrade.” Tyr seriously handed a red packet to the pub owner and continued: “She was diligent. She exterminated a lot of Demonic forces. She’s a hero.”

        With a trembling hand, the pub owner took the axe. He can feel the warmth of the cloth, which reminded him of Skeg’s warm hands, her voice and her smile…

        He held the axe tightly in his arms. Tears ran through his face.

        “You are back...My little Skeg...”

        It was spring in the North. Every night, the pub owner would tell Skeg’s story to the drinkers. As time went by, Skeggjald gradually became a legend in the North.

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