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        “Are we really entering the cave?” A short man frightenedly said while walking behind a well-built man.

        “Of course! We’ve come all the way here, and you want to quit?”

        “But those who dared steal the golden egg have never returned...”

        “So you don’t want it anymore? Then leave!”

        “I...I didn’t mean it like that. You know what’s going on in my house. I need that money...”

        “Then shut up and follow me!”

        The two held torches and proceeded slowly into the darkness. From the villagers who lived nearby, they learned that there was a dragon that laid golden eggs in the cave. A lot of people tried to steal the golden egg for fortune, but none of them returned...For wealth and to repay their debts, the two decided to seek the treasure inside the cave.

        However, their originally ambitious hearts gradually lost courage in the increasingly dark environment. The short man’s mind began to be filled with fear, and he no longer wanted to advance. If not for his family, he would have turned back and left a long time ago. As the darkness distracted their cautious minds, they slipped on something...

        “Ouch! This place is wet and slippery, yuck! Let’s find the egg and get outta here!” The strong man climbed up with something as support, and the short man hurriedly picked up the torch, thanking that luck protected the fire from going out. When he shone the light at his companion, he was too surprised to speak; the “something” the strong man had leaned against was what they had been searching for — the golden egg.

        However, their joy soon turned into they realized what they had slipped on was crimson blood. The stench in the cave turned out to be the smell of blood. Apart from the blood, the golden egg was also surrounded by a group of peculiar “people”. Their eyes had lost focus, their faces were pale, and their bodies had numerous stitches.

        “Let...let’s just go!”

        The short man wanted to drag the strong man out of the cave, but the strong man gave no response. When the short man looked closer, he was scared out of his wits...the strong man was pierced by numerous sharp objects. His eyes lost focus and his entire body was reddened by his own blood.

        Just as the short man wanted to run to this horrible cave’s exit, the “people” grasped onto his limbs and ceased him from moving. The figure who had slaughtered the strong man was now walking toward the short man.

        “I beg you. Please do not kill me!”

        The figure did not stop. With an expressionless face, she raised her meteor hammer, and lashed it straight down at the short man...

        “To protect the important, I can break the laws of life and death.” — Rapa Nui the Puppet on Vigil