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        Ever since Blodgett got herself hired by Cullinan, she had been working on a machine that could make the most unique gem.
        “Plug this at here and fix the wooden board. Then assemble metal chips on it. Add wooden sticks there and fix the handle on it……” Blodgett mumbled to herself when she was assembling the gem-making machine on the floor. The empty space was all written with math equations.
        Rapid footsteps were approaching. It was Cullinan, carrying a box with excitement. “I got what you asked for——” he said.
        Blodgett saw a pair of boots stepping on the equations and it triggered her. “WHAT THE HECK!? Are you aware that you’re stepping on the crucial part of the machine…... Huh?” she lost it but then stopped suddenly.
        Waited till Blodgett came back to earth, she stiffly raised her head and looked Cullinan right in the eyes. The rage shinked like a balloon.
        “Pardon me. I was overreacted……”
        Cullinan waved to her and couldn’t care less. He passed the box to Blodgett with sparkles in his eyes. “You said that the research was completed. What does it have to do with this box?” he asked enthusiastically.
        “Meow” it was from the box. Cullinan opened it and purebred cats jumped out one by one, climbing onto Blodgett.
        The cat-allergic Blodgett instantly got rashes on her arms. She threw the cats away like trash. “Let me show you.” she told Cullinan while scratching herself.
        Blodgett put on gloves and pinned a shorthair breed down on the table. No matter how hard it was struggling to break free, Blodgett pointed the gun-shaped machine and shot it right at the eye. A big rounded crystal popped out from its eye socket.
        “This. Is. AMAZING! Turning a cat eye into a gemstone, and it’s still warm!” Cullinan praised. He grabbed the gem, rubbing and kissing it, admiring the thin light reflected on the gem.
        “Let me try!” Cullinan said thrillingly and took the machine from Blodgett. He shot the other cats like she did. Before long, gems were all over the lab’s floor.
        Watching Cullinan choosing among the gems with excitements written all over his face, Blodgett decided to take it one step further. “Sir, would you…... would you like something more special?” she asked.
        “Mmm, you’ve got any better? Tell me!”
        “Do you know Ali Baba? He has some special cats……” Blodgett said softly.
        “The one who only steals from riches? Interesting. I’m ordering my men to get his cats now!”

        “No, that won’t do. The cats are too smart to let us get their eyes.”

        “What? No way. I need to have the most unique gem!”

        “I have a plan. Let’s get the owner. The cats will come for him.”
        “Brilliant! So I just have to exhaust them with traps, and we can do whatever we want! HAHA. That would do to make the most unique gem and I can show it off at the party!” Cullinan were so thrilled, jumping up and down like crazy.

        As for Blodgett, she wasn’t so excited as he was. She stepped aside and picked up a crystal clear gem on the floor.
        The shiny surface reflected her clear eyes, telling the unspoken emotions within. “And then I can be with him……. Hehe.” she whispered to herself.