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        “Our cabin’s hit!” Pirates yelled nervously.

        “Move all the cannons and shells to the upper deck! They can’t get wet!” Erik, the captain of the pirate ship, immediately ordered.

        Erik’s ship was sailing as usual when a police ship got in their way, which started a fight between the two ships. Erik had just finished his sentence when booming sounds rang from the enemy ship again. The pirate ship was hit again; Erik and his companions all crouched to keep their balance.

        “Captain! We’re passively taking all their attacks!”

        “The ship’s gonna sink! Captain, let’s get on the lifeboat!”

        Incessant booms of explosion had left all the pirates in panic. They started packing their belongings while putting lifeboats into the water, but Erik stood at the bow of the ship, contemplating: ‘Old man...Is there really nothing I can do right now...?’ This unpleasant situation reminded Erik of a similar experience when he was still a child...

        Erik was born to be a pirate. His father was an outstanding captain of a pirate ship, and he too had once run into a bitter battle. The enemy pirate ship did not only rival his in terms of size, but also in the number of cannons. He could not think of a way to help, and could only stand and watch as he suffered the enemies’ attacks. All his pirates told him to abandon his ship, and that he could always resume his pirate life after he got out alive.

        “Humph...the invincible pirate ship is meant to sink today, huh...?”

        Erik’s father was peering at the sea, when an idea suddenly came into his mind. He excitedly said, “Haha! Even fate is on my side!” He held Erik with one arm and pointed at the sea with his other hand: “My boy, do you see that? The planks floating on the sea are converging. It’s our chance to fight back!”

        With this, Erik’s father stood high and ordered the pirates to hang on for a little while. He, on the other hand, attentively focused on the changes of the sea surface. When the water began to swirl, he yelled, “Pull back! Full speed!” Just like he had anticipated, the enemy ship pursued them.

        Just as the two ships were about to touch, the enemy ship was dragged into a waterspout! Everyone cheered on the deck and the captain held Erik up high before saying, “Only when you understand the sea can you truly call yourself a pirate!”

        His father’s words now reverberated in Erik’s mind: “Only when you understand the sea can you truly call yourself a pirate!” Disregarding the cannons’ attacks and the panicking subordinates, Erik walked to the side of the ship and observed the sea along the direction of the wind. He raised his hands and closed his eyes, endeavoring to put all his focus into connecting with the sea and the wind.

        Suddenly, he opened his eyes, jumped onto the deck and yelled, “Idiots! We haven’t lost yet!”


        The pirate did not dare continue, because Erik threw a dagger at him which cut off a column of his hair: “Humph! You’re full of bullcrap.” Erik closed his eyes again to sense the wind. When the direction of the wind started to change, Erik knew it was their chance to retaliate! He hurriedly ordered the other pirates, “Adjust the sail to the opposite direction!”

        “Then, won’t we be...?!”

        A smile spread across Erik’s face: “That’s exactly what I want to do.” Though the pirates did not understand their captain’s intention, they followed his order and turned the sail.

        Wind blew by, and pushed Erik’s ship directly toward the police ship. The enemies were all stupefied by his surprising move, and before they could react, the two ships impacted! Erik had calculated the acceleration of the wind and where it would bring his ship as well as the angle of impact between the two ships. Hence, the enemy’s ship was broken into two, while Erik’s pirate ship stayed intact. Everything went as Erik had expected.

        Erik climbed onto the mast with a scimitar in his hand: “Lads! It’s payback time!” The pirates then all charged onto the enemy ship, not giving their enemies any time to prepare for their attack. Erik also dashed into the battlefield, and after decapitating an enemy with one mere slash, no one dared come near and challenge this formidable enemy.

        Under Erik’s guidance, the pirates emerged victorious and plundered a great amount of gold. Erik then fiddled with the gold coins while feeling both content and excited. After that, Erik continued his voyage with his companions, sailing on the vast ocean with the aim of becoming the most powerful pirate of all time...