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        Hearty became the Queen of Hearts in Wonderland. Under Alice’s tutoring, she had picked up various magics. In exchange, Hearty could never leave Wonderland for the rest of her life. Gradually, discontent started building up in her mind.

        Later on, a warrior of Demons named Lü Bu was captured back to Wonderland by Alice. At first, the Queen of Hearts only needed him for his potential, and treated him as a tool to get rid of Alice’s control. As time gone by, affections started accumulating within; The Queen of Hearts began to care about his well-being. By the time she realized her changes, she had fallen in love with Lü Bu.

        Unfortunately, Lü Bu’s heart was drawn to bloodlust and carnage. He brought a man called Yoshitsune back to Wonderland after a battle. Despite his respect to Lü Bu by appearance, the Queen of Hearts could see his unwillingness to submit himself. Soon as expected, Yoshitsune and the White Queen tried to seize the castle when Lü Bu left Wonderland. Luckily, Lü Bu made his way back in time to save the Queen of Hearts.

        “Thank you for saving me.” The Queen of Hearts leant on Lü Bu’s arm, and he soothed her face gently with lots of love.

        “Of course I’ll, Hearty.” Lü Bu’s face fell afterwards, “but things are getting worse. Yoshitsune the King of Shana has thrown off the shackles of my demonic blood. Although he retreated this time, sooner or later he’ll return. We must start that plan now.”

        “That you mean killing Alice?” The Queen of Hearts had mixed feelings about it.

        “Only by killing her can set us free, so that I can take you to the world outside.” Lü Bu wore a willful smile. “Tonight we sneak into her bedroom.”

        At nightfall, both of them headed towards Alice’s residence in the center of Wonderland. When they stepped in, Lü Bu felt an imminent danger. “Hearty, be careful,” he shouted.

        The Queen of Hearts stopped immediately. Next second, a puppet jumped down out of nowhere, denting the floor.

        “What a surprise, you dodged my attack. But this ain’t over yet.” The White Queen showed up from a dark corner, controlling more puppets to attack. Before Lü Bu could protect the Queen of Hearts, another person appeared to block him——It was Yoshitsune. “You’re fighting with me!”

        “Lü Bu!” The Queen of Hearts was worried about him, but the White Queen held her back with the puppet. “You dare to harm Alice the hostess! Unforgivable,” she yelled furiously.

        “She’s treating us like a toy!! I’m not gonna waste my time with her!” The Queen of Hearts smashed the puppets with her giant claws, but another batch of puppets came over immediately as a reinforcement.

        “But she saved me afterall.” The White Queen gazed at her. “You and I are alike. If Alice didn’t bring you here, you would have been killed by your sister; If it wasn’t Alice, you wouldn’t have grown this strong.”

        “Shut up!” The White Queen hit the nail on the head about her inner thoughts. The Queen of Hearts gathered fire elements into her claws in anger. “That doesn’t mean she can control how I live!”

        She casted the fire over the puppets surrounding her; And flames started spreading towards the White Queen through the strings.

        “Ahhh——!” The White Queen screamed, distracting Yoshitsune from the battle. At this moment, Lü Bu wielded his halberd to knock him down.

        The disturbance alerted the guards and they all went out of the city. Witnessing this, Lü Bu hurried the Queen of Hearts into the castle.

        “Tut! We gotta hurry to find Alice. Things are gonna get tough if the guards are assembled.”

        Perhaps all the guards were searching outside, leaving the castle empty. Both of them soon reached to the top where Alice’s bedroom was. Lü Bu kicked the door open——

        “Mmm...what is it...I’m still sleeping…” Alice said and let out a yawn,

        “You’ll be sleeping forever soon!” Lü Bu captured the chance when Alice was still curling up on bed and pointed the halberd close to her neck.

        “Oh, looks like I missed the best part...What a pity.” At this critical moment, Alice still had the mood to joke around.

        “Goodbye, you punk.” Just when Lü Bu was about to cut off her neck——

        Clash! He was stopped by the giant claw.

        “Hearty, what are you stopping me!?”

        “This is your good chance. Don’t you hate me?” Alice felt puzzled looking at the Queen of Hearts, without a hint of fear to death.

        “Yes, I hate you. But the White Queen is right. You saved my life and I’m thankful for this. That’s why I can’t let you die,” she said while looking at Alice.

        “Hearty, but then you’ll be trapped in Wonderland forever,” asked Lü Bu.

        “That’s not too bad. I like this place. Now I’m staying under my will, not because of your threats anymore.”

        “Hahaha——” Alice burst into laughter suddenly. “Oh my, you’re intriguing.”

        The Queen of Hearts signaled him to move the halberd away. Then she took a glance at Alice and left.

        “Hmm...Finally, I can sleep.” Alice pulled up the quilt and went back to her dream.

        The Queen of Hearts continued the battle with the White Queen in Wonderland; While Lü Bu, as usual, was indulged in the fight between Gods and Demons. Later on, the Queen of Hearts got pregnant by him...