Since carrying Yidhra home, Pupuro had found helping others to be very interesting. Afterwards, she learnt that there was a profession which specialized at getting commissions from people in the human world. When it was accomplished, they could be repaid with certain rewards accordingly. Hence, she left the elf village and became a hunter who helped people to find their lost property.
        With her talent and hardship, Pupuro soon became an outstanding hunter, who was busy with tons of commissions.

        One day, she was entrusted to go to a high-class restaurant. A dowager was sitting on a sofa. “Are you the client who lost the sapphire,” asked Pupuro.
        The dowager nodded with a wail. “That...that sapphire is a gift of my deceased husband, but I lost it during a boat trip…”
        Taking compassion on the dowager, Pupuro held her hands and said, “Don’t worry! I promise you to get it back.” The dowager held back her tears and showed a smile then.

        Pupuro followed her to the center of the ocean in a boat. Gazing at the boundless yet deep ocean, the little slug was restless and reluctant to jump into the sea; and Pupuro also sensed a bizarre yet familiar power in the water…
        “I lost the sapphire here. Please help me find it,” the dowager urged anxiously. “The wave is getting stronger. It’s kind of strange. Maybe we should try when the weather turns better?”
        “No! I want it now!” The dowager showed no concern for Pupuro’s safety, as if she had become a completely different person, and started pushing her and the slug towards the sea.
        “...O-okay.” Pupuro had no choice but to jump down.
        As the slug and she dived deeper, the sense of that strange power was getting stronger and stronger.
        “The power is familiar. Have I seen it before?” As she was pondering, a magnificent palace was reflected in her eyes——
        “Maybe the sapphire is there? Let’s go.” Pupuro swam to the palace slowly; “It seems the whole thing is not that simple…” The little slug was worried.
        As they approached, vortexes of water occured suddenly! The sapphire was right in the middle and they could not get any closer.
        “What should we do?”
        “I need your power, little slug!” The slug inhaled and inflated its body. Then, it blew out four big bubbles; Pupuro gathered elemental power and cast four water pillars over the bubbles, adding great power into the attack. The water pillars and vortexes constituted a strong shockwave! Luckily, the slug stuck its body to a rock and grabbed her hand immediately to avoid washing away.
        Pupuro took the sapphire and a familiar feeling popped out in her mind——“This stone...Doesn’t it belong to Yidhra and her master?” Feeling puzzled, she and the little slug returned to the surface.
        The dowager felt nervous as soon as she saw Pupuro. “Have you found my sapphire?” She did not swim towards the dowager, but just reached out her hand out of water. The dowager was impatient to get it——
        “This sapphire is not yours,” Pupuro said as she put her hand down. “No! It’s mine! Give it back to me now,” she responded angrily.
        Pupuro heaved a sigh. “You’re not the owner of this stone, but bewitched by its charm. Now I’m going to return it to the real owner.” She ignored the dowager, dived into the water and found Yidhra.
        “Does it belong to the mermaid,” asked the little slug.
        “Yes, I think so. The power of the stone resembles her.”
        They went deep into the sea and saw Yidhra the mermaid. “Hey, why are you here?” She greeted Pupuro with a smile.
        “I got something for you.” Yidhra took the stone from her and said, “Master Cthulhu gave it to me. I never expected you can find it.”
        “Bingo! It’s yours. Keep it. And I shall return then.”
        “Hold on!” Yidhra swam closer and handed it back to Pupuro. “Please, take this sapphire, as a reward for helping me to find Master Cthulhu before.”
        “To me, Master Cthulhu is the most important. I’m happy as long as I can be with it,” Yidhra wore a smile. “Thank you, I'll cherish it.” Then, Pupuro and the little slug left. She swam faster than usual, gazing at the dazzling sapphire in her palm.
        “It’s incredible. I can sense its power flowing into my body.”

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