Tongtian Jiaozhu’s spell "revived" Lu Bu using a male corpse as the container. It had taken decades before he finally obtained a living body. His excitement drove him to jump around energetically. He stepped to the creek to look at his reflection. His new body was not as strong as his original body, but it was more than enough. He said, ‘Brother, what amazing work. This body looks quite similar to me.’ He turned around and raised his fists, ‘Fight me. Help me get used to this body.’
        Tongtian Jiaozhu shook his head and said solemnly, ‘I put your soul into that body with my spell. You got your second life, but it’s limited. Remember, you’re now a human. The limit of your power depends on the body’s threshold. Besides, this spell does not last forever. You have only 60 years before it wears off. Then you'll turn back into a soul. Do you understand?’ Lü Bu burst in laughter, ‘Humph! 60 years? That’s long enough!’
        Tongtian Jiaozhu left Lü Bu. Soon two men jumped out of the jungle and swiftly stepped up to Lü Bu. ‘Your majesty, you’re here! We’ve been searching for you.’ ‘The creek flushed you downstream. We thought it was impossible to survive that. Fortunately you have a blessed life. Our city could not afford to lose you’ Lü Bu turned away. He was surprised that his body's original owner ruled a city.
        Suddenly the creek gleamed. Two men popped out of the water and drew their daggers to slash at Lü Bu! Someone had sent them to assassinate him. They were surprised he did not die from the fall, so they had intended to finish him here. An unknown impulse ran through Lu Bu's veins.
        When the assassins thrust their daggers at Lü Bu, he seized their arms, shocking them both. ‘W-what happened to him…?’ ‘He’s like a different person!’ Lü Bu sneered, ‘You really think such poor technique could defeat me? Naive!’ The assassins pulled out needles and stabbed at Lü Bu! He dodged but the needles scratched his arms.
        ’Seems like I haven’t adapted to this body,’ thought Lü Bu. He stretched every part of his body, raised his hand, and pointed at the assassins. ‘Not bad. Enough warming up. Now entertain me more!’ The assassins stared at each other, pondering his drastic change in personality. Still they had to finish the mission. They thrust their daggers at him again. Lü Bu threw his fist heavily at one of them. The victim was knocked to the ground and twisting in pain. Lü Bu’s murderous look shocked the other assassin, who dropped his dagger and turned to escape. Lü Bu casually picked up the daggers and threw it at him. He fell the ground and blood gushed out of his skull. Lü Bu swaggered to the assassin crawling and trying to escape with the last of his strength. He begged Lü Bu for mercy. Lü Bu grinned, ‘No mercy is allowed in troubled times.’
        Done with the assassins, Lü Bu stepped out of the jungle alone. A bunch of people on carriages rushed to Lü Bu, and babbling, ‘Thank goodness you’re alright, Your Majesty!’ ‘We heard you had gone missing in the woods, Your majesty! We almost had a heart attack!’ They immediately pushed Lü Bu into the carriage, and went back to their city. On the way the old butler explained everything to Lü Bu. The world was now Cao Cao’s. He was afraid of talented people who would potentially stand up against him. That was why he treated Lü Bu as a thorn in his flesh. Lü Bu realized that the assassins were sent by Cao Cao.
        Back to the city, Lü Bu manifested his capabilities. He trained the guards and ordered the smiths to expand production of fine weapons. The city gradually improved. Lü Bu enjoyed the view of his city quietly on the tower. His servant came to him and said, ‘Your Majesty…’ ‘Stop calling me that,’ The servant became confused. Lü Bu continued, ‘From now on, my name is Lü Bu. The world will be mine!’ He laughed wildly. The war of the greatest powers in the world was about to unfold.

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