The poison assassination to Welwitschia had become a wake-up call to Cornflower the third prince, who had been disheartened by tragedy happened to his fiancee Sakura. Since then, he had been investigating everything happened in the palace, which brought him back to the politics. Meanwhile, his best friend May Lily was standing by him all along. Very soon, they had compiled everything had happened lately into one file. As Cornflower was done reading it, he was completely shocked.

        “W-what is this?” Overwhelmed by the findings, Cornflower said agitatedly, “the foundation wood of the pond turned out to be poisonous. And now the pond cannot be used at all after the ten years of construction? This is ridiculous!”

        “...The minister in charge of the construction was on Strelitzia’s side, and the wood supplier of this project was on Hyacinth’s side. I guess that’s the reason for this mess.” May Lily continued grimly, “this is just one case of a million. Their conflict have already escalated to the national level.”

        “Unbelievable!” Shivering in anger, Cornflower banged the desk and said, “I don’t care if they quarrel with each other face-to-face or what, but they can’t put our country at risk! This will only benefit those wicked elves outside the enchantment!”

        “You’re right. Someone has to take the lead,” said May Lily, implying something to Cornflower.

        “He wants me to return to politics, but I...No. I still have Sakura to take care of,” Cornflower thought. Looking away, he avoided eye contact with May Lily and said, “this can wait. Our top priority is to find out who poisoned my father.”

        Cornflower put the urge aside and focused on the investigation. The more he found out, the more complicated the whole thing became. Every lead led to “him”. To figure out the truth, he asked the suspect to meet him at his garden, where the suspect used to hang out with Sakura and him.

        “Your highness, what can I help you in this late at night? Did you have a night terror?” May Lily was mean as always.

        Turning around, Cornflower said to May Lily coldly, “I lost sleep indeed, and you know why.”

        “Cut to the chase,” said May Lily calmly, as if he had already known what Cornflower was referring to.

        “You’re the one who poisoned my father,” said Cornflower. His agony could still be heard no matter how hard he bottled up himself, yet he kept saying, “golden mark was found on father’s hand. This can only be caused by the royal poison, so I know that the assassin is a royal member close to father. At first, I thought it was brother. Indeed, he’s cold-blooded enough to do that, but not with this sneaky move. Sister is impossible to do that, because she shares a similar belief with father. Killing father will only pull her away from the crown.”

        “Perfect deduction, your highness,” said May Lily with satisfaction. The smile on his face made a great contrary to Cornflower’s frown.

        “So you’re the only suspect...May Lily.”

        “Yes. I did this.” May Lily dragged his clothes as he spoke, which was a sign when he lied. Cornflower caught it immediately.

        “...You’re lying. Someone must have instigated you!”

        “No. It’s all me.”

        “Why are you being so stubborn? You knew that I could sentence you to death for assassinating the king!”

        “I can die as long as it’s your command, but not right now,” said May Lily, looking Cornflower right in the eyes.

        “I can’t die before you ascend to the throne.”

        “You...still remember that oath? We were just kidding——”

        “But it has been my purpose of living since then...My life is always yours.”

        May Lily remained a poker face but his tears sold him out.

        “I just want to see you sparkle for your goal again...I can’t go on without your light...Same goes to your father,” May Lily confessed.

        “Father...So everything is father’s…”

        Cornflower eventually figured out the whole picture. Only Welwitschia could make May Lily do such a thing.

        “Why did he risk his life to do this?...Is it what you want, a wake-up call to me?”

        “Now that you know how many elves are counting on you!” May Lily wiped his tears away. Cornflower couldn’t help but get amused by the messy look of him.

        “I still have many elves who are counting on me. I can’t let myself sink anymore...Right, Sakura?”

        Pulling himself together, Cornflower reached his hand at May Lily and said, “let’s put our promise into action. Reform our country, and I’ll ascend to the throne!”

        Later on, Cornflower worked extra hard on the investigation to the rebellion while asked Cactus the general for military assistance. Through Rose’s connection, he set up a trap with Nepenthes, an elf outside of the enchantment, planning to catch all rebels at the Century Feast...

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