Satan, sitting on the ice chair, stared at the penguins with contempt. A baby penguin toddled to her and cuddled her feet.

        Satan looked back at her days living with the penguins—She protected them from danger, took care of their babies, and scavenged for food to feed them…...Now she felt nothing but disgust for these memories. ‘Why would I ever act like that?’ The thought drove her to kick the baby penguin away ruthlessly! Dodo rushed to check on the baby, who was fortunately unharmed, but horrified.

        Satan smiled at Dodo, ‘Haha! Fascinating! A rolling furball! You wanna give it a kick?’ A loud slap interrupted Satan’s chortle. It was the sound of Dodo smacking her face, leaving her stunned. Dodo yelled at her, ‘This baby's breathing! He’s not a toy! What is wrong with you, Sasa?’

        Satan took a deep breath and guffawed. Her laughter puzzled Dodo. After a while she stopped and glared at Dodo, ‘I got a little rusty after all these years. I couldn’t even react to a nobody’s attack……’ Purple clouds appeared around her. The penguins screamed in horror. Her intense energy scared Dodo back a few steps. The purple clouds gathered on Satan’s back and transformed into a pair of purple wings! She flew mid-air and glared at Dodo from above.

        Satan raised her sword to condense the purple clouds into an energy ball. ‘Humph!’ She thrust her sword to throw the energy ball at them! Dozens of penguins evaporated into thin air. Those who survived ran desperately for their lives. Satan could not help chortling at their panic. Her disrespect for lives enraged Dodo, ‘Get down here NOW, Devil!' Satan pointed her sword at Dodo and grinned, ‘Alright! Let’s have some fun together!’ She gathered immense energy and descended at the speed of light!

        As Satan thrust her sword into the ice, a bright purple light burst out and dazzled Dodo. After regaining his sight, Dodo found the ice broken into several pieces! His light barrier, which was only large enough to protect himself, vanished into dots of light. All of the other penguins disappeared……

        Satan glanced at the separated glacier and sighed, ‘That’s it? I haven’t had enough fun.’ ‘I…...I will never forgive you!’ yelled Dodo. He dove into the water and transformed into a penguin. He trod water to generate light elemental power and flew at Satan! She calmly gathered dark elemental power and blew Dodo away in mid air! Rage carried him away. He repeatedly struck at her although he was obviously no match for Satan.

. Soon Dodo was covered in blood and sweat. He mustered his last ounce of strength and charged at Satan. Not interested in Dodo anymore, she threw a giant dark elemental sphere at him, blasting him into the icy sea. He turned back into a human and floated on the water, unable to move a finger.

        Satan was ready to deal the last blow to Dodo, but his floating body reminded her of the time he had saved her from drowning…...She lowered her sword and said, ‘If I ever see you again, I’ll kill you.’ She opened her wings and flew far away…...

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