His world was tranquil and peaceful at the very beginning. One day, his senses were activated suddenly. This was the very first time he could “see”——two crimson figures crouching beside him.

        He blinked, raising both of his hands and moving his fingers slowly. This wonderful feeling truly amazed him.

        “Welcome, my friend.” One equipped with a pair of metal wings reached out his hand with a gentle smile.

        At that time, he was clueless about the meaning of that gesture, but it did somehow soothe his puzzlement. He held that hand back instinctively; this very first contact actually strayed from his expectation, for he could only feel coolness in the touch. The sharp contrast with the warm impression of that person made him smile, and that was the moment when he knew what happiness was.

        Later on, he found out more about himself. He was the third Machina born in the realm, and the one greeted him was the first born; The existence of Monesis, the body structure of Machinas and other new information flooded into his mind, enriching his thoughts with knowledge. This kind of feeling, as time went by, had developed into different thoughts.

        At the same time, more and more Machinas were born. Looking at the fellows, he spoke to the first born, “since we’re getting more and more fellows, it’s easy to get confused if we don’t have something to identify ourselves...Right, let’s...have a name.”

        “Name? Is it something to call each other?” asked the first born.
        “Yes, you’ll be...Pompeii...and he’ll be Epsilon.” Then, he paused with eyes closed. “And I’ll be...Schrödinger.”

        Apart from naming all the fellows, Schrödinger loved gathering round to share his creative ideas and turn them into reality. Sometimes the ideas failed, but he made successes in most of the time. Gradually, the machinas blossomed.

        Pompeii, the first born Machina, had spread the prosperity from place to place. Moved by his passion, races living on the ground successfully united. However, the peace did not last long as it was broken by Eldus. Disputes, seizures and invasions rose again. But still, Pompeii strived to live in harmony with those “enemies”. To achieve his goal, Schrödinger was appointed to do the negotiation.

        Inspite of being refused over and over again, or even under attack, Schrödinger still had a glimmer of hope, heading straight to the location of Eldus.

        Rumble! A purple thunder flashed in the sky; the peal of it startled Schrödinger while he was crossing the plains. Looking at the sky, he found that it was overcast with clouds. Great anxiety filled his mind.

        “The air is unusually heavy today...and the light flowing in the vessels is dimmer than usual...Is it some kind of warning from Monesis…” Schrödinger shook his head, pulled himself together and clenched his fists. “I can’t give up. I’m here to make changes to the worst!”

        Schrödinger managed to calm himself, but things did not go well as expected, and it started deteriorating. Throughout the way, creatures were nowhere to be seen in the woods or river. The entire place was lifeless.

        Suddenly, a huge noise came from afar; ground was shaking violently. Schrödinger failed to balance himself during the earthquake and stumbled. As soon as his hands touched the vessels covered on the ground, intense emotions began to pour into his body, almost driving him mad.

        “Ahhhh——!” Schrödinger screamed painfully. He let go his hold, short of breath, then he stood up. Before he could figure out what was going on, something strange happened——the vessels embedded underground moved, as if they were struggling to break free.

        “The vessels are moving...It never happened before...Perhaps Pompeii——I have to go back!”

        Plenty of vessels coiled together. The metal surface melted once they had touched each other. In the blink of an eye, they developed into an odd sphere with the light; Edges and corners were grown on the smooth surface, pulsing lively.

        The side of the sphere facing Schrödinger had a breach, which was filled up by some kind of dark vortex. Noxious slime was dripping down.

        “Looks like it’s not gonna let me pass...I guess I need to break it by force.”

        Schrödinger put his hand on the chest, feeling the enormous power from his kinetic core. The sphere acted before he was ready, splitting into countless tentacles to whip. Yet those tentacles were cut off before they could reach his hair.

        “Not so fast, aren’t you.” He raised his hands; Elemental power was transformed into a sharp blade to cut them off. Unfortunately, his attack did no damage to the sphere as the tentacles dissolved into the ground and flowed back to the sphere!

        “My attack is in vain...I need to calculate all the factors first!” Schrödinger kept thinking; numbers and formulae flickered across his mind.

        “Vessels...fusion...circulate...Circuit! Right. If it’s vessel by nature, then I can destroy the circuits by cutting off its circulation!”

        Schrödinger fended off the attacks from the sphere while scanning over the entire area. Soon, he found his target hidden in a cave. So he went all out to blow up the tentacles and turned around immediately, sprinting towards the circuit. The sphere, aware of his intention, caught up with him at great speed.

        “No...I must go back!” Schrödinger called out as he swung his blade——

        Splorp! The blade stabbed into the circuit and cut it into half. Then, the sphere behind shrank like a leaking balloon. Eventually, it turned into dust and vanished into thin air.

        “Phew…” Schrödinger felt relieved. Then he ran restlessly, running back to his home. However, it was too late already…

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