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        Lying deep under the realm was a desolate ritual square. Pillars and sculptures, once spotlessly white, were all faded into murky grey with the lapse of time. Only a few light passed through crevices into the square center, shining over Zana the petite elf.

        She headed to the light; her eyes captured thousands of words, passing on to fingertips. With a few plucks at the strings of her harp, fantasy-like music danced in the air and filled this lonely space with good old memories…

        The broken stone arch had once decorated with flowers, which spread the vital, greeny vibe over the entire ritual area. The once empty space used to be crowded with friends of different races, who were dancing to Zana’s music.

        “Everyone is happy...These vigorous heartbeats are what I’ve been longing…”

        Zana’s old friends joined this vision one after another——Pompeii the leader of Machinas, Bahamut the dragon of wisdom and Behemoth the valiant beast, who were exchanging ideas of the future.

        Zana could not help reaching her hands to the vision——

        Clang! Clang! The vision faded away as ear-piercing noises cut in on her performance suddenly. Closing eyes, Zana stopped to listen to the source.

        “Battle...and that power...It’s him, the human that Monesis told me before.” Zana’s eyes glittered.

        She looked up and circulated elemental energy to resonate with the voice, delivering to the far-off place. “Child of destiny, the one I’ve been expecting to break the collapsing future...Come to me. I have a song to play for you.”

        Under Zana’s guidance, Summoner and his fellows arrived at the center of the altar. Delta, the feminine-type machina, could not wait to hug Zana in no time. “Ms. Zana, we finally meet again!”

        “It’s my pleasure to meet you. I guess you must be startled right? Waking up and realizing that the world has completely changed.”

        Zana gently stroked Delta’s back while glancing at Summoner and Sonata the elf. “Worry not, my descendant and the chosen one. I’ve set up a magic barrier to block those intruders temporarily,’ said Zana solemnly.

        “How do you know my name?” Summoner asked out of curiosity.

        “Monesis told me, when the world is contaminated by the Eldus.” Zana reached out. “Sit down. Let me show you an ancient song...”

        Looking at each other, everyone followed and sat down. Then, Zana summoned earth element in the forms of different musical instruments.

        As she conducted, an intense symphony was played. By the time, the ancient past was brought to the front of Summoner——A group of intruders named “Eldus” appeared, savaging the harmony of each race by destruction and violence.

        “This is our story happened long long time ago. And it’s the key to our future.”

        “The collapsing future in the past memories...Does it mean it will happen to the realm,” Summoner asked nervously.

        “The backflow and disorder of elements are tearing the land apart——”

        “I have to stop the chaos!” Summoner could not wait to declare before Zana.

        She was not angry at all to be interrupted. Instead, she carried a deep smile. “For the sake of the realm, you need to wake up the natives hibernating in the deep. Delta, you got the key from Pompeii, right?

        “Huh? How did you know?” Delta responded with shock.

        “From Monesis. I’ll be reactivating the the instruments on the altar. And you need to defeat me to prove yourself.” Zana controlled the element and flew to mid air.

        “Although you’re the child of destiny, I won’t let you proceed easily. If you can’t even take me down, going further is just a waste of your life.”


        Zana sang a song that touched everyone’s soul; the musical instruments began to glint in green, as if they were revitalized. Thorny vines were dancing to the cadence; its swift yet fierce movements were pure manifestation of Zana’s killing intention——She was serious with the battle.

        “Bring it on. Show me what you’ve got.”

        Summoner raised the wand to conjure the heroic spirits of the light and dark. They sprinted to Zana, enchanted their swords with elemental power and leapt to swing at her——

        Plop! The heroic spirits were bounced off and vanished due to heavy injuries.

        “It’s elemental barrier. Only weakness attribute can break it…” Summoner did not give up, and conjured a fire knight and a Druid to fight again. The knight rode on that Druid, casting gigantic fire over Zana.

        Wheeze! The flames swept across the vines to burn all into ashes. Then, the fire knight continued to launch attacks, which wrapped up the entire altar area with blaze and smoke.

        “...Is she defeated?” Summoner squinted to observe, but did not catch a danger in time——The vine had turned into a razor-sharp blade against Summoner.

        “Boohoo...Am I gonna die here?” Summoner cried in the heart. Suddenly, a shadow came over and carried Summoner to evade the vine attack.

        “Delta!” Summoner screamed.

        “Is this all you’ve got? Disappointing.” Zana shook her head. When she plucked at the harp, earth element healed her wound in a split second. Then, she switched to a spirited song, raising more vines underground to whip Summoner.

        “Phew! That was close.” Carrying Summoner, Delta dodged each attack agilely, regardless of Summoner’s weight on hand.

        “Ms. Zana’s healing magic is strong to recover any injuries in a flash. We can’t beat her unless someone stops the magic.”

        “Oh, I can do it.” Sonata popped his head out of the debris and followed Delta’s footsteps to avoid the vines.

        “Aren’t you unable to use power?” Summoner asked, despite feeling embarrassed being held by Delta. However, to save his own life, there was no choice.

        “I can’t use element, but I can still sing. Zana use songs to heal her wounds. I can also use songs to disturb her.” Sonata shrugged. “Well, I don’t guarantee how long I can hold her back though.”

        “Anyways, it’s worth a shot——Wow! Be careful!” Zana gathered energy to fire elemental spheres over them.

        Delta and Sonata managed to dodge the direct hit, but still impacted by the shockwave——Losing her grip on Summoner, three of them were blown away.

        “Escape can never change the fate of this land, nor the lives of your friends.” Zana gave meaningful speeches while glancing at Summoner and Delta.

        “Right…” Delta got up. “I must face up to it. No matter what stands ahead, I’ll break it!”

        Delta triggered power to fuse element into her body metal. Dazzling, crimson light was pulsating, with the heat strong enough to melt herself. However, Delta endured it with absolute will.

        While running towards Zana, Delta evaded the attacked perfectly. Then she stepped on the vine and raised her fire fist. “I must save them!”

        Delta’s fire-winding fist hit Zana to the floor directly. Flames then spread over her body, resulting in burns.

        “You’ve become stronger, Delta.” She continued while gazing at her. “But this kind of self-mutilation attack is not the true meaning of powerfulness.”

        Zana plucked at the harp to sing the healing song again, but the earth element was dispersed because of Sonata. He used an opposite tune to eliminate Zana’s voice.

        “It’s useless.” Zana summoned a vine to attack Sonata, who was unable to defend himself with elemental power. Soon, he was caught with his mouth covered.

        “No, that's enough.” A voice sounded behind Zana——It was Summoner, backed up by 3 fire heroic spirits. While Zana was dealing with Delta and Sonata, Summoner seized the chance to prepare for the final blow.

        Facing the overwhelming disadvantage, Zana showed no fear, but smiled. With a wave, the spirits attacked Zana together, but all missed intentionally to avoid further injuries.

        “We won,” Summoner said.

        “Yes, I lost,” Zana nodded. “You truly live up to Monesis’s expectations. Allow me to play a song for you. May the elves guide you through your journey.”

        Zana plucked at the harp to turn earth element into emerald light dust. Some fell onto the wounded Delta and healed her immediately, while some blended into Sonata’s body.

        “YESSS! I can use elemental power now!” Sonata danced joyfully.

        Zana smiled. “Sonata, my descendant, you’re destined to go underground with the child of destiny, and perform the most wonderful song “Whisper of Monesis” with your life.”

        “Sure I’ll. Let’s work on it right now!” Sonata put his hand on Summoner’s shoulder and set out; Delta also followed after saying goodbye to Zana.

        As Zana saw Summoner out, she gazed at the part brought by Deltaand mumbled, “Pompeii, I’ll make your dream come true. Even though this will exhaust my voice or use up my life, I shall reactivate the musical instruments in this altar, and wake you up from deep slumber…”