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        “How is it that we have never known about a shrine being here...” Gretchen looked at the gate before her shockingly. Although it had withstood the test of time, it remained standing, protecting the hoard inside.

        “You sure it’s here?” Midgley asked Lisa, who was standing next to him with detector in her hand.

        “I think so. The detector is pointing in this direction...” Lisa was still confused. It was hard to believe that they were that close to the Ancient Dragon Power they had been seeking.

        “Let’s just get in there first.” Gretchen was pushing open the door laboriously while she spoke.
        In the enormous room, there was only a floating dark-green gemstone. Everything Surrounding it was broken. Midgley and the others slowly walked close to the gemstone. The closer they were to the gemstone, the louder the beeping of the detector was...

        “Unbelievable. This stone was generating the same magnetic field as that of the Ancient Dragon Power...” Lisa gazed at the gemstone shockingly.

        “Could that be the Ancient Dragon Power we’ve been looking for?”

        “No... It’s slightly different.” Midgley shook his head. In his mind, he pondered the potential connection between the gemstone and the power he sought.

        “Stop. Or. I fire.” The three suddenly heard Mark-II’s voice from the outside. They immediately turned around, and saw a strange maiden standing at the gate they did not notice before. The girl neglected Mark-II’s warning, and ignored the existence of Midgley’s and his friends. She simply gazed at the gemstones as if drawn. Step by step, she approached the stone.

        “Intruder. Commence elimination.”Mark-II raised its pistols. Just before it fired upon the girl, Midgley stopped it. Everything happening around him screamed to him that perhaps this maiden was the key to all mysteries.
        When the maiden was just a single step away from the gemstone, she stopped. She reached out her hands for the gemstone and murmured: “It’s time.” The maiden recited a spell, and the gemstone began to flash in a dazzling green light. The rubble lying on the side began to encircle it, and forming into a stone dragon...

        “What just happened?” All scholars were shocked by the sight that had just unfolded before their eyes.

        The stone dragon leaned into the maiden and the maiden caressed his head. Then, they touched each other lightly with their own cheeks. The maiden turned to the scholars. Grim-faced, she said...

        “The wheel of fate has started turning. All are involved. None can escape...”