“Awesome! Mr. Bufano approved our proposal!” Sondra’s father exclaimed. Sondra’s mother, who was busy researching immediately stood up from her chair and asked: “Really? They agreed to install a particle cannon on Lisa’s body?” Sondra’s father nodded, hugged her mother and said: “Thanks to them...Our efforts finally yield result…” However, Sondra, sitting alone nearby, looked confused. Her father turned to her and said: “Sondra, aren’t you interested in Particle Theory? We’ll show you our achievements someday, alright?”

        Sondra didn’t’ fully comprehend what had just happened, but her parents’ success excited her. A few days later, she came to Bufano’s lab with her parents. Pushing open the steel door, Sondra saw the Bufanos standing beside the operating table along with other people in white robes. Sondra came closer to the operating table, only to see half of Lisa’s body covered with metal and her right eye bandaged. Sondra immediately took a few steps back and hid behind Mr Bufano. When Lisa awoke, she saw everyone around her holding his or her breath, waiting for the Ancient Dragon Power to unleash.

        “Here! Lisa, try to use your new body!” Mr. Bufano nervously said. Lisa coldly gazed at him with her hollow blue eyes as she fused her two steel arms. At that moment, The Bufanos foresaw the misfortunes that were to come, so they immediately asked everyone to run, but the steel arms were already attacking them. Sondra was too frightened to move. Mrs. Bufano carried her and ran, but Mrs. Bufano was attacked by the steel arm and fell to the ground, so did Mr. Bufano. Among the blue light, Sondra vaguely saw the steel arms chopping her parents’ in half. Blood was everywhere...As chaos ensued, she escaped…

        “I’ve got to put the particle theory into practise to fight against Lisa’s steel arms. Now that the theory is mature, I can definitely defeat Lisa.” Sondra took up a mini model made from beads that linked to a steel arm. Since her parents died, Sondra enrolled in Central College. She researched on how to develop the particle theory. After a few years, the particle theory had finally matured. “All I need now is a high-density container to accelerate the reconstruction of elements. Professor, that’s why I am here.”

        “Sondra, I know what you want.” The professor took her model and sighed: “Farrah’s new metal is suitable for containing elements, but be careful, if you install this on your arms, there’s no turning back.”
“Since that day, there’s no such thing as turning back.” Sondra seriously said.

        Amputation, inlay, combination, reconstruction...After Sondra woke up, her human arms were missing and replaced with two steel arms made of beads that connected to her nervous system. Since then, every time she raised her hands, the beads would glitter and fuse into her steel arms. She went through physical training every day and began tracking down Lisa, searching from colleges and laboratories to farms...One day, in a deep alley, she finally saw the blue-haired cold metal she had been searching for…

        She followed the girl into a blind alley. Before the girl pushed open a door, Sondra blocked the girl’s path with her steel arm. The girl turned around and stared at Sondra with her cold blue eyes, and coldly asked: “Who are you?”

        “Killed too many people to know who’s who?” Lisa’s cold voice infuriated Sondra. Sondra’s arms were immediately engulfed by light and fused into two huge steel arms, attacking Lisa. As Lisa frowned, light gradually formed in her left eye. Along with that, a metal shield formed and blocked Sondra’s attack. Sondra shouted: “The metals on your body are not new metals. How did you construct your power?” Lisa coldly replied: “You are also here for the Ancient Dragon Power?” Seeing that Lisa wasn’t answering her question, Sondra stopped questioning her and focused on defeating Lisa. She spread the beads on her steel arms, used the beads to encircle Lisa and dissolved Lisa’s metal with elemental power. However, the memory of Mrs. Bufano saving her life suddenly came to mind…

        “I’m killing the Bufanos’ daughter...”Sondra hesitated for awhile. Upon seeing Sondra’s hesitation, Lisa raised her steel arms and cleared the beads around her, tearing apart Sondra’s elemental flow. Sondra felt intense pain and fell to the ground. Before Lisa Striked for the fatal attack, Sondra desperately asked: “Have you really forgotten me?”

        “Not that I can remember.” Lisa answered.

        Sondra was both sad and angry. The Bufanos, her parents, her arms, and her dying self. She was sad that Lisa could not remember her. Before Sondra passed away, she weakly lay on the ground and murmured: “Everyone you killed will remember you…”. She gazed afar until she was completely swallowed by blue light...

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