Ursula had long realized her own ineptitude, but she did not know how she can improve. Therefore, she could only endeavor to uphold her morals even though blunders were commonplace.

        ‘Ursula. you...and...we know...of your kindness,’ A Human-fish hybrid member of the Deep Ones breathed out bubbles while saying to Ursula, ‘but we...can never...restore...Human form...Peace will not...come to us...’

        After much hard work, Ursula had finally located the Deep Ones and persuaded them to abandon hostility toward Humans. She thought if everyone worked together, the chaos in the realm would be lifted...or at least there would be some place to carve out a home for the Deep Ones to live. But reality shattered her hopes; none at the harbor and the fishing village were willing to accept the half-fish beings. Ursula thought she could serve as the go-between for the Deep Ones and the villagers, not realizing that she, too, was a monster in the eyes of humanity.

        “Just like last time...The villagers took Novalis and I as the evildoers...Why didn’t I learn from that?”

        The Deep One also told Ursula that even if they drive away the Gods and Demons from the realm, the Deep Ones, having been altered, can never return to Human form; they were doomed the life of monsters, forever ostracized by Humans. Ursula had no way of refuting their claims, so she heeded the Deep One’s advice, and searched for Dagon through Dracospirits.

        By then, the powerful Ethereal Dragon had already finished rebuilding its body, and was storing power for future use. Ursula and the Deep Ones lived on Dagon’s back — in the mysterious city of R’lyeh. This city did not consist of ordinary stone architecture; this magic city changed almost every day, and abounded in strange constructions and enigmatic signs. To live inside this peculiar place, Ursula laid markers with power of Dracospirits. Soon, she could travel through the wondrous architecture freely; she even used stones with the enigmatic signs as portals for teleportation. However, when novelty gradually faded, Ursula was again enveloped by frustration.

        “In the end, I am still relying on this good for me?” At a night, Ursula asked the Dracospirits hovering around her. “Even you have grown, but I’m still a fool who is incapable of doing anything myself...”

        The Dracospirits nudged her cheek with their long and thin bodies. Ursula played with them until she exhausted herself. In her dream, the Primordial Dragon murmured, “In the depths of the sea, where the Deep Ones live...”

        ‘Dagon? Is that you?’

        ‘Your home is wherever you choose...’

        ‘No, this is not my home. Although I have lost the one I used to have, I believe that they...and family is still alive...’

        In the morning, Ursula woke with a blurred mind; the dream was lost in her memory. Just then, she realized that R’lyeh was gradually reforming. The stone pillars softened and lengthened, wrapping around Dagon’s body in the shape of a coil. Ursula hurriedly awoke the Deep Ones, so they could climb onto the curved stone. After vigorous trembling, Dagon had teleported itself into a wide lake not far from Enochian Tower, to the surprise of all those present.

        From the special linkage between herself and the Ethereal Dragon, Ursula could sense that Dagon was intrigued by the Tower...Suddenly, a deafening boom reverberated, prompting Dagon to lift its head. On the pillar around the Ethereal Dragon, Ursula saw a piece of stone wall fell from the Tower into a forest. She grabbed a stone ring beside her and teleported onto Dagon’s head. Steadying herself by standing against the crystal on Dagon’s head, Ursula witnessed the fierce collisions between broken pieces of rock at the top of the Tower. Her senses were telling her that something was wrong, so she channeled her thoughts into the crystal: “Can you please teleport me to —”

        Before she finished speaking in her mind, light enveloped her; at the end of the teleporting passageway, Ursula saw Dracospirit which emitting purple darkness. They were fighting against a powerful warrior. Ursula suppressed her anxiety, and was prepared to see, and resonate with the heart of the long-lost individual...

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