“Wheeze...wheeze…” On steep slopes, soft pants echoed through the lush woods, bringing a delightful vibe into the entrance of this tranquil Heavenly Kingdom. Such enticing pants were from a petite girl.

        She used a stick as her cane; her cheeks blushed and her eyes sparkled. People might think she was in love with the blush all the other expressions. But actually, it was just a spontaneous body reaction of mountaineering.

        “The rocky road is too much for me. My legs are aching. But an elixir is not supposed to be found anywhere. I can’t give up. Master is waiting for us!” The girl Banana braced herself and continued climbing.

        Banana is an elf of the Wish Orchard. Before the sickened gardener passed out, she was living happily with the other elves while taking good care of the Orchard. To cure his illness, they split up heading the realm of Humans in search of an elixir.

        Eventually, Banana got a lead from a villager that there were sainted Xians living in a place called Heavenly Kingdom. So she decided to climb the mountain for the elixir.

        “Wheeze...too cliffy for me...I can’t…” Watching the perpendicular hill road in front, Banana could not help murmuring. She gritted her teeth to walk forward. Splash! Suddenly, a slime fell from the sky and soaked her to the skin.

        “Ahh! I’m covered with this slimy thing...Oh...the taste is weird…” The slime was unusually heavy. Banana took a sip but slipped on the liquid. Meanwhile, a shadow came out of nowhere in the woods——a giant slime!

        It was slobbering at the mouth, which means the liquid was spurted by this creature. The slime stopped, but suddenly jiggled with a scream. It stamped on the ground and pounced on Banana!

        “No! You’ll wreck me!” The surging fear had stimulated her survival instinct to trigger elemental power within. Banana, with her hands turning into bows, fired countless arrows made out of peel when the slime was about to weigh her down.

        The arrows penetrated the slime, shaving off a part of its body and deviating from its landing trail to the back of Banana.

        “Uh, I’m fine! Great——”
        “Roar——!” The slime did not expect she would strike back. Flying into a rage, it let out a shout.
        “Don’t...I...I’ll die…” Banana was desperate to struggle and successfully shook off the liquid to flee uphill. Provoked by her attack, the giant slime kept chasing.

        At an impasse, Banana climbed the slope at full blast with incredible speed. When she was about to arrive at the Heavenly Kingdom, she stumbled over a rock carelessly and turned somersaults.

        “Humph…” The slime captured the chance to catch up, stood in front of her and opened its mouth. Saliva spilled over Banana. “Boohoo! Don’t eat me...Somebody help me!” she burst into tears, trembling with fear.

        Her call worked somehow. A long sword hovered around the sky. Then, a white-haired man jumped off and swung the sword against the slime, which began to melt next second.

        “How dare you prey right in front of the sacred Heavenly Kingdom!” Lü Dongbin put his sword back, looking at the startled Banana. “Are you okay...Wow! You’re so sticky. Don’t get any closer!”
        “Boohoo, thank you for saving me. Your big hard one is amazing!”
        “...Stop the nonsense! How dare you talk dirty to me you shameful elf!”
        “Huh? I mean the weapon you used is amazing. Just a swing and that slimy creature is done,” Banana said with a confused look while pointing at his sword.

        “Oh this one...Of course! I’ve been practicing hard for years.”

        “Are you a Xian here?” Banana knelt down in front of him, blinking her beady eyes. “Please give me the elixir...I’m begging you!” she shouted.

        Then, she explained everything to Lü Dongbin, for finding the elixir to cure her seriously ill gardener. He finally gave in and handed a few bottles of the Xian elixir to her just to get rid of her.

        “It’s very kind of you...Thank you. Next time I want to see that big hard one again,” Banana gasped for breath with no reason.

        Tired of looking at her lecherous face, Lü Dongbin covered his face and shook his hand like driving a puppy away. “...Enough, just go back to your master.”

        Banana hurried back to the Wish Orchard after saying goodbye to Lü Dongbin. Seeing her figure gradually out of his sight, Lü Dongbin walked away but almost bumped into a man standing behind. But he figured out that person was actually Li Tieguai when the sword was half drawn.

        “Oh Li, why are you sneaking up on me? You freaked me out——”
        “Bro, who is that soaking elf? Did she just say she want to see your big hard one again…” Li Tieguai glared at Lü Dongbin. “It seems that the elf has gotten into you. I gotta sober you up.”

        Li Tieguai clenched his fists, giving out a threatening aura. Knowing that he was being serious, Lü Dongbin raised his hands to explain, “hold on, Li. You’re missing something——Ahh!”

        But Li Tieguai did not listen to him and raised his leg to attack…

        Banana had no idea she had stirred up a big trouble. Holding the elixir into her arms, she came to the hillside for a short rest. Gazing at the sunset of the Heavenly Kingdom, she knew the way back home was still rugged. But for the gardener, Banana called up all her courage to step forward.

        “Master, I’ll eat the fruit tart you baked again!”

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