Rumors circulated within the army: the Demons own a halberd forged with Human bones and blood, capable of bringing doom to humanity.

        “Hey, did you hear? The ruins to the west was originally a prosperous town, but one morning, dead birds suddenly blanketed the streets! Then, over the next few days, death came to insect and animal alike; even the people died from illness one after another!” The freckled soldier spoke raspily, trying to tell the story in the most frightening way possible. Seeing the soldier with hooked nose tremble, the freckled soldier smiled.

        “From the discovery of bird bodies, to the Humans’ death, all happened within a month. There was no hint of this happening!” As if not content with the result of his speech, he continued: “But rumor has it that one day before the dead birds appeared, a warrior was seen waving his bone halberd at the town...”

        “And do you remember the city reduced to ashes by hail not long ago? They say the same warrior pointed his halberd at the city before it happened —”

        “Is our morale so shaky that you have time for this nonsense here?” Bishop suddenly appeared behind the soldiers and berated, prompting the freckled soldier to hide behind his hooked nose counterpart. It was not until they realized the comer was General Bishop did the pair snap off a salute.

        Bishop wanted to continue, but was halted by his lieutenant: “General, the enemy has kept their gates closed for days. May I suggest that we increase the number of besieging soldiers to ensure all their supply lines are cut? That way we can force them to give up their town.”

        “No need. They will surrender.” Declining the lieutenant’s request, he ordered the army to prepare for a frontal assault in three days.

        Bishop was known as the dictatorial general. He would never adopt the opinion of others, and each order he gave, it was done according to his own will. However, none could replace him as general, since his commands had proven crucial to the army’s continued victories. His lieutenant had long been averse to him; the rejection just now stirred up his resolution to stalk Bishop, hopefully identifying any evidence he could exploit to overthrow the general.

        The lieutenant stealthily followed Bishop to the enemy town’s water source. The lieutenant was surprised to see that upon impact of Bishop’s spell, his metal halberd transformed into bones, its end in the shape of a crooked inverted cross — it looked just like the halberd of doom in the rumors!

        “Interdiction? Pst. I’m not Belsaic. I don’t need those cheap methods!” Upon finishing his words, Bishop dipped his halberd into the water; red mist loomed from the point of touch and promptly spread across the stream. The lieutenant became fully alert again when he smelled the pungent stench of blood, and the water had turned crimson red!

        “All we need is to give them a little doom, and they will shatter from within!” Bishop’s action and murmuring was the utter opposite to the general the lieutenant had known. He could not help but gasp from shock; the heavy sound of breathing revealed his own location.

        Realizing he had been seen did not anger Bishop and instead, he mocked with a seemingly delighted smile: “Congratulations on witnessing the ‘halberd of doom’.”

        “Mm...only one Human is not enough after all.” In a second, the lieutenant’s body was kicked into the waterway. Bishop peered at the enemy town, his tongue slid across his upper lip: “Humans, enjoy the pleasure of the doom. And after your death, become my power!”

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