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        “Belsaic, don’t you think it’s a waste? Living people can be useful in so many ways. Why are you killing them after all?”

        The Demon general ordered his men to pile the bodies onto the cart: “Withered Savant, I have to ensure there is nothing dangerous in the camps. Only the dead would not run amok.”

        The Demonic Savant snorted. Belsaic had always led the army from the frontlines; soldiers obeyed his every order. Not even Demonic Savants dared employ trickery in his camp. After sending off the Savant with the bodies in a convoy, Belsaic continued preparing the army, commanding soldiers to ready the weapons. For the last few months, he had been besieging the city, blocking secret passageways in and out, and stopping all shipments of food...Tomorrow, he would raid this Human-controlled castle.

        ‘If I breach this door, I will be able to...’

        In the middle of the night, Demon soldiers pushed forward the battering ram; the vanguard disabled the magical alarm the Human wizards had prepared, and promptly draped a wooden bridge over the moat. Just as dawn was about to break, the battering ram smashed the door; soldiers shot firing arrows up to the walls; horns sounded around the castle; the war had begun. Magic arrows rained down on the Demons, who hurriedly raised their shields in defence, guarding the muscular demonic beasts propelling the ram. Suddenly, a fierce exchange of arrows ensued around the wall.

        The fight at the front gates appeared to be furious, but was a mere ploy. Belsaic and a few of his elites were infiltrating through an underground tunnel, and after which, they opened the right city entrance from inside. Seeing enemies inside the wall, the timid lord of the castle thought the front gate had been captured. Hence, he escaped with his family through the left entrance, but that left Belsaic with a chance to raid the city through both sides. Before nightfall, the city had fallen.

        “Men! Into the city!”

        After entering the city, the Demon army closed all the entrances; Belsaic ordered soldiers to dig trenches in the central square linked to the city’s drains, and gather all Humans at the square. Any resisting Humans were executed.

        “How come there are so many of them...” The Demon soldiers boxed in the Humans with thick planks and assault towers, forming a wall. On the high platform, Belsaic looked at the many captives, shuddering despite his usual calmness: “Filthy pests, inferior creatures occupying the realm...” Belsaic raised his cavalry sword and ordered hysterically, “Kill them all!”

        Upon hearing the order, Demon soldiers on the towers shot down arrows and magic missiles; wails from the Humans echoed alongside Belsaic’s laughter. Fear incited people to kick and ram the wall, but there were more Demons outside the wall pushing against it. Only blood could escape the trap, flowing through the trench which the soldiers had just dug. The blood streamed down the drainage, and arrived at the moat, where they encountered corpses. Gradually, the water turned crimson red.

        “Die! Suffer in pain! Contemptible Humans! I will kill you all and seize the realm!”