Cyprian was one of the Demons’ Death Riders. His favorite hobby was spreading plague to cause mass death. The helpless expression on Humans’ face when they suffered excited him. The more deaths there are, the more power he can attain.

        Cyprian passed by a village of a small population, but that was enough for him to absorb power. Under his mask was an evil smile. He released a few rats from his sleeves when people had slept in the night. The rats did indeed spread the viruses quickly. The rats entered different houses, feasting on the stored food. As they ate, they spread the viruses on their bodies... Mere days after their appearance, quite a number of villagers had caught the disease. At first, they only had coughs, but gradually their bodies started to change: their bodies started rotting; their memory and intelligence began to fade. They forgot who their family was and some even lost the ability to write...

        The schedule of the village’s sole doctor became packed. During the day, he had to care for the villagers; at nights, he entered the mountain alone, in search of a herb capable of healing the sick. After myriad experiments, the doctor finally found a kind of herb that could alleviate the disease. When the infected was given medicinal powder derived from the herb, their bodies stopped rotting, and their memory was slowly restored. To eradicate the disease as soon as possible, the doctor endeavored ceaselessly to produce more medicinal powder.

        Just as smiles began to reappear in the village thanks to the alleviating epidemic, Cyprian began the second phase of his scheme.

        “Humans are the most exquisite when in despair.” He murmured while studying the doctor’s herbs in the storage.

        In a smile, he released rats from his sleeves again. However, this time he conjured peculiar demonic power, which then formed into black powder in the air. They settled on the rats and merged with them. One of the rats approached the doctor, who was sleeping tight on his desk. Suddenly, it bit down on his toe!

        “Darned rats!” The doctor snapped awake. He shooed away the rat while cleaning his wound with water. As the wound was not deep, he was not particularly concerned.

        The doctor continued visiting sick villagers, but their conditions deteriorated; not even the medicinal powder could help.

        “They were actually getting better. Why is this happening?” Anxiety struck, the doctor felt dizzy before fainted. The villagers was examining the doctor’s situation when they realized that his leg had seriously inflamed and rotted. Though ironic, the doctor had become the medium that spread this plague. The villagers lost the only person who can help them fight the epidemic. Their last flicker of hope had utterly broken and one by one, they fell.

         Cyprian slowly walked down the street. Witnessing the corpses filled the village, and the surviving villagers writhing in pain, he could not help laugh maniacally. The villagers’ sheer desperation gave him intense pleasure.

        “Finally, harvest time!”

        Cyprian approached those who died from the plague. When he tapped the dead, their bodies were reduced to black smoke which Cyprian then absorbed...

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