Raphael conjured a water sphere that trapped Lucifer and stripped him of his ability to move. Seizing this opportunity, Raguel left the battlefield and flew toward Enochian Tower. One of the tower’s floors was radiating with flickering purple light and emitting an unusually powerful aura of elements.

        Raguel flew right toward the source of the purple light and saw scales swirling around the room, resembling a heavily-armored gigantic serpent winding on the floor. At the center of the shimmering light was the burning “Chandelier of Promise”. Raguel immediately cast a hive-shaped protection sphere and stepped onto the scales. When his foot touched the scales, the light in the room immediately gathered with incredible speed and took the form of a serpent, its end wickedly sharp like the tail of a rattlesnake. Seeing that Raguel was not protecting the lower part of his body, the light serpent wrapped around his leg and threw him outside the tower! As he fell, Raguel spread his wings and steadied himself.

        ‘Lucifer actually possesses this kind of incredible power...!’ Raguel was astonished. When they were all still trainees, Raguel always showed extraordinary performance in magic; the magic circles could he create even surprised his mentors. The hive-shaped protection sphere was actually a hybrid of a magic circle and a protection sphere, which should have been able to divert the strength of any incoming attack. However, the serpent magic circle even possessed its own will and was able to analyze Raguel's weakness and counter-attack his magic circles.

        Raguel then levitated in the sky before taking out his observation instrument and examined the magic circle from afar, trying to understand the secret behind it. “Perfect...I never knew a magic circle could have its own will and resemble a serpent. Lucifer, how did you do it...” Raguel moved closer to the magic circle, but the serpent’s tail immediately lashed toward him with heat as hot as the chandelier's fire.

        The serpent’s tail launched another attack. Raguel hurriedly used all his power to cast a hive-shaped protection sphere that completely covered his body except for his face and chest and successfully shielded himself from the strike. “However, as Keepers of Worlds, we all know that nothing is ‘perfect’.” Before the magic circle could attack him again, Raguel extended the observation instrument while murmuring: “May the righteous have wisdom, and may the innocent have keen eyes...” Cog-rotating sounds rang from the instrument in his hands as it transformed into a gigantic rifle with an optical scope. Raguel aimed at the core of the purple light and shot at it, but the bullet was deflected by the serpent’s tail. However, he was not surprised by this outcome that he had already anticipated it. He then seized this opportunity to dash into the Tower. As he dashed toward the tower, the serpent tail incessantly attacked his protection sphere and breached it before Raguel flew in from an opening.

        “Every magic circle has a special mark unique to its creator and that mark, is the source of power of the magic circle.” Raguel adjusted his weapon as he circled in the air while dodging the serpent’s successive blows. With his protection sphere completely shattered, Raguel could only evade all the incoming attacks while searching for the magic circle's weak spot. As the scope allowed him to concentrate his sight, Raguel spotted one single scale shining in pale white among the purple scales of the serpent’s tail. He immediately raised his rifle and aimed at the white light, but the serpent tail was also closing in. At this critical moment, Raguel decided to pay no attention to the incoming attack and pulled the trigger when the moment was right...

        The bullet landed right on the “mark”. With the “mark” broken, the magic circle twisted into a pile of power until it diminished to nothing. All that was left was darkness. As elemental power dissipated, it revealed the wounded Raguel and the feeble “Chandelier of Promise”. Raguel pushed against the floor with difficulty and attempted to stand up, but burst of pain struck his chest and the smell of rust filled his nose. He could only crawl to the chandelier, deeply inhale, and blow off the seven candles on the chandelier...

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