At the entrance of Gods’ hall, Fafnir and Kukulkan should have long defeated the Summoners, but after receiving help from the Courts of Zodiacs, the Summoners breached the God warriors’ line of defense and entered the hall. Because Wawel unleashed the potential power of the Elder Gods before Fafnir, she had to entirely focus on the fight. She let Kukulkan handle everything else.

        However, Wawel’s power was more immense than Fafnir could ever imagine. His every attack was stronger than the previous; merely defending herself had already used up a great portion of her power, let alone fighting back. Not long after, Fafnir failed to defend herself. A blade of dark element wounded Fafnir’s upper arm; blood gushed out and even splashed onto Kukulkan. Kukulkan’s desire to protect Fafnir released the Elder Gods’ power within his gem, prompting him to further merge with it before he fought Wawel in Fafnir’s place.

        The Summoners seized this opportunity to advance further into the hall while Fafnir tried to stop them with her wounded body: “Darn! You filthy Humans who have harmed this realm shall all die! I, Fafnir, will not allow you to walk into heaven’s hall!”

        However, before she could reach the Humans, a Court of Zodiac with a scorpion sting stood in her way.

        “Fafnir, right?” Learning from Fafnir’s action and speech, the Court of Scorpio realized that she was willingly protecting heaven and was not controlled by the Gods. If they could convince her, maybe Fafnir would agree to join their side and fight against the Gods. “You’re saying that Humans should pay for the harm they have done to the realm and that they should die for it, but don’t you know that the true culprits behind all of this are the Gods you’re protecting?”

        “They’re re-creating the realm! Humans have wrecked it; only by re-creating it could the realm be restored to its original state!” Zeus’ idea still lingered in Fafnir’s mind — the plan’s destruction is for re-creation, and it is the best way to save the realm. Fafnir offered her assistance only because she agreed to Zeus’ theory.

        “You’re being deceived! They’re not re-creating this realm. Their only goal is to use the power in this realm to create one that solely belongs to them!”

        “Don’t think your lies can deceive me!”

        “Then have you ever seen them actually re-creating this realm?” The Court of Scorpio decided to take a gamble. She herself had never seen the Gods’ re-created realm, but she believed in the previous Court of Sagittarius’ analysis and results — the new realm being created was definitely not a re-manifestation of the realm of Humans. The Court of Scorpio ventured that Fafnir had never seen the re-creation either and that she would start to suspect the Gods and trust the Court of Scorpio.

        The Court of Scorpio won in the bet. As Fafnir had always guarded the entrance of Gods’ hall in the form of a gem, she had never actually looked at the realm Zeus had claimed to be creating. To disprove the Court of Zodiac and to reinforce her beliefs, Fafnir channeled the Elder Gods’ power into her eyes before lifting her head to look closely at the distant place above heaven. There was a sphere comprised of various pieces of land that were created by different elements. That was the realm the Gods were creating.

        Fafnir loved the realm created by the Elder Gods. No one knew its nature and ecology better than her. However, this place she had just witnessed was nothing like the Elder Gods’ creation. It was a new realm that had no resemblance to the realm of Humans.

        “Zeus...How dare you fool me!” Anger built up inside Fafnir and its flames burned her heart red. The upsurge of emotion resonated with the power of the Elder Gods within the gem that resided in her body: ‘It is...Elder Gods’ power! Venerable Elder Gods, please grant me the ability to eliminate all who have caused damage to the realm, and to defeat the Gods including Zeus!’

        Fafnir’s body transformed as the power of the Elder Gods bursted. The wound on her upper arm completely healed and her maiden form perfectly combined with her dragon body. Fafnir’s new form was more powerful and impervious to damage. Her furious bellow scared the Court of Scorpio to hurriedly take a fighting stance.

        “I shall be the one to deal with Zeus!” Fafnir said while clenching her teeth in anger.

        The Court of Scorpio felt relieved, but still remained cautious toward Fafnir’s actions.

        “Then, it will be the darned Humans!” Fafnir walked to the depth of the hall: “Gods, Humans, everyone who has harmed the realm created by the Venerable Elder Gods shall receive no mercy from me!”

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