A figure stood on a coast. With a smile, the figure lightly jumped backward into the sea while a pirate ship simultaneously sailed by at a high speed. While falling, the figure grabbed the mast of the ship and with a flip, the figure swung itself onto the tip of the mast and crouched there. A few agile leaps brought the figure across a number of masts until it finally held onto the main mast, and the figure slid down onto the the deck.

        Just as the figure landed, the pirates approached and smiled: “Can’t you board the ship in a more ‘normal’ way, Sam? You always make this kind of big entrances.” The figure, Samuel, shrugged his shoulders and with his back facing them, said, “Legs and feet are meant to move. Life can’t be so static, and only then can we call ourselves pirates!” “But we’d be worried...cough...” Upon hearing the odd sound in the speaker’s voice, he worriedly turned and smiled at them: “If you don’t recover soon, I’m going to throw all of you into the sea. Don’t get me ill!”

        Samuel was called the “Robin Hood of the Sea”. He was a disaster for the rich, and a hope for the poor. Every time he stole, he would distribute all of his loot to poor villages around the realm. All his subordinates had joined his team because he once helped them, and they offered to follow him voluntarily. However, the maidens who followed him were infected by an eccentric disease one after another. Their body gradually lost strength; they could not even walk back to the shore. Samuel sought different herbs for them, but none cured them...

        When the pirates woke up the next morning, they realized that Samuel was missing. No matter how they searched, they failed to find him. Just then, sounds of explosion boomed not far away and a cloud of green smoke appeared on the surface of the sea. The pirates realized there was something wrong and hurriedly covered their mouth and nose with their hand or clothes, but it was too late. The pirates inhaled the smoke and collapsed onto the ground. The last one to fall unconscious could only utter, “Didn’t think...Poison Anne...would get”

        When the poisonous cloud blew over, Anne boarded the ship with a few of her subordinates. They looked across the entire ship, but there was no sign of the sea flower, neither was there anything valuable except for a few gold coins. Her pirates asked, “Should we really take these? That’d be a pitiful thing to do...” “It’d be pitiful if I don’t get anything from this ship! You’re only saying that because they are all females! Lewd men!”

        When Anne and her men returned to their pirate ship, what they saw startled them — the pirates who stayed on the ship were now all tied up to the mast with a rope. Anne even thought she had gone on the wrong ship...Just as she wondered what had occurred on the ship, Samuel walked out of the captain’s room while reading Anne’s notes: “‘Sea flower’. It radiates even in the darkest oceans and can cure any disease...” “Who are you?” Anne raised her gun and pointed it at the intruder. She felt insulted; not only did she fail to rob the enemy ship, even her ship was commandeered by the enemy’s captain. Her heart was filled with rage.

        Samuel ignored Anne and continued reading through the notes before saying, “Wow! What a detailed analysis of herbs! Looks like you are knowledgeable about drugs and medicines!” Anne could hold back no more. She shot at him, but the bullet missed its target. As the smoke of the shot blew over, Samuel’s figure had already disappeared. Anne nervously looked around for Samuel when a gust of wind blew behind her. Just as she wanted to turn around, Samuel used the poisonous smoke she had created to daze her.

        “Darn, darn you! Release me! Or I won’t let you get away with this!” When Anne woke, she was hanging from the edge of her ship and though she was in a disadvantaged situation, her will did not surrender, and she even threatened Samuel. Samuel replied with a smile, “Ok. You’re a lady anyway.” As he said that, he untied the rope and Anne plummeted toward the sea! Anne shrieked in fear, “!” Upon hearing that, Samuel hurriedly and tightly grabbed the rope in his hand: “Didn’t you want me to untie the rope? Have you changed your mind? You girls really don’t speak your minds. So, do you still want me to untie it?” Anne shook her head. The scare had rendered Anne obedient and she did not dare resist anymore.

        Samuel brought her back onto the deck before seriously saying, “I want us to work together.”

        “Work together?” Anne did not understand.

        “My companions are suffering from a chronic disease and I have failed to find a cure. With all your knowledge about herbs, I believe you’re definitely able to help them recover. Of course, I won’t ask this favor for free. In return, I’ll help you find your ‘sea flower’. If we ever succeed in finding it, it’ll all be yours. I swear.”

        After a while of consideration, Anne agreed to examine the conditions of Samuel’s subordinates and wrote down their symptoms in her notes. She pondered over how to cure them while slowly walking back onto the deck, where Samuel said, “How did it go? What kind of disease is it?” When Anne lifted her head, Samuel’s face was right in front of her, their lips almost touched, prompting her to hurriedly take a step back: “Do you know where we can gather food and other resources?” “You just found the best person for that,” Samuel answered with a confident smile.

        Samuel took Anne to a castle with food and treasure beyond imagination. Anne was amazed by the view. She had never known there was such a place on the coast. It was not until she wanted to grab something for herself did she realize that there was a rope tied around her waist. Samuel leisurely said, “Don’t think about getting away.” With no other options, Anne could only follow Samuel’s lead.

        There was food, gold, and jewelry in the storage room. After getting what she needed, Anne could not help but ask, “Why rob the lord of this castle?” “He has been taking advantage of the villagers, adding unbearable stress onto their already-hard lives. Just follow me!”

        Samuel and Anne entered the nearby village. Samuel skillfully unlocked a window of a house before he entered and left behind a bag of gold coins. “Don’t you think it’s meaningless? By tomorrow, maybe it’ll just go back to the lord!” “We should at least let them know that life is hopeful.” His words began to change Anne’s impression of him, because she now understood why there was nothing valuable on his ship.

        Samuel and Anne came to the last house in the village, where a few children lived. Samuel thought that leaving only a bag of coins would not be enough to help them. While he stood in thought, Anne took out apples from her bag and placed them beside the bag of coins: “Children should eat more fruit.” Surprise could be seen in Samuel’s eyes. He thought that maybe Anne was not that bad either; having her with him might be a good idea. After they finished distributing gold to the entire village, Samuel and Anne returned to the pirate ship. On the way back, Samuel could see how tired Anne was from holding a heavy bag, and hence offered her a hand, but was shocked to see that the bag was full of garlic! “Didn’t you promise to cure my mateys? What’s with all the garlic?” Samuel could not help but question Anne. His aggressive attitude caused Anne to retaliate with a bad attitude: “They are exactly what’s needed to cure your crew! They are not sick. They are actually suffering from malnutrition! Garlic happens to contain lots of the nutrition that will help recover their bodies quickly. If they eat the garlic, their ‘disease’ will heal by itself! If you don’t believe me, so be it!” With that said, she snatched back the bag of garlic. All the way back, the two continued their heated argument.

        As the angry Anne returned to the ship, she ordered, “Teach this darn guy a...!” Anne was too shocked to continue her sentence; all her pirates were hanging out with Samuel’s pirates. Just then, Samuel whispered, “Aww...Seems like we’re the only single people on the ship. Well, I don’t mind being with you.”

        “But I do!” Anne could not help but yell at the sky. After that, Samuel told his pirates to eat the garlic Anne suggested. Their body started to recover and soon became completely healthy within months.

        “I’ve done what you asked me to do. Can I go now?” Anne thought that she could finally leave Samuel after finishing her job, but was surprised to feel her waist tied up by a rope, again! Samuel approached Anne: “Your pirates and mine have already paired up. You don’t want them to separate, do you?”

        “I can recruit new ones...” Anne endeavored to get out of the rope.

        “I AM your new pirate. I promised to find the sea flower with you.” Samuel said while pulling Anne back. However, he was surprised to find that Anne was not standing firmly; her whole body was lifted into the air and bumped right against his, their lips accidentally touched. All the pirates around them yelled in excitement, “Oooooohhhh! Be with him! Be with him! Be with him!”

        Anne blushed and yelled back, “Shut it! You guys!” The pirates surrounding them cheered without paying any regard to Anne’s disagreement. Not long after, Samuel also joined in the joyful scene and further heated up the atmosphere. Anne, on the other hand, looked in bemusement at the rejoicing pirates, her mind still thinking of the accidental kiss...

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