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Imperial Heroes - The Finishing Battle Ch.11

        While Sun Quan was in the alliance meeting with Liu Bei and Lü Bu, Cao Cao captured the window of opportunity to infiltrate Lü Bu’s base. Fortunately, Zhuge Liang, who figured out Cao Cao’s agenda, managed to stall Sima Yi’s reinforcement. In the meantime, Liu Bei returned to Kingdom Wu to ask Sun Quan for rescuing backup.

        As soon as Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao heard the news, they insisted on tagging along in spite of Sun Quan’s rejection. When Gan Ning’s ship arrived at the shore, Liu Bei, Lü Bu and the others were engaged into a tough battle with the demon-possessed Xiahou Dun. The crew was clueless to take Xiahou Dun down.

        At this moment, Lu Xun, a teen recruited by Sun Quan, went onto a face-off with the demon. He passed out after sealing the demon away.

        “Hey! Lu Xun! Are you alright?”

        Sun Quan ran over to check on Lu Xun. He was relieved when he found that Lu Xun was still breathing.

        Sun Quan didn’t notice the approaching Xiahou Dun as all his attention was on Lu Xun.

        “He’s Sun Quan...Cao Cao will have one less enemy if I kill him here...Then my death will be all worthy.”

        Bearing the thought, Xiahou Dun grabbed the spear next to her and thrust at Sun Quan’s back——

        Clank! Someone in yellow fended off the hit for Sun Quan.

        “Da Qiao!” Sun Quan exclaimed.

        “!” Da Qiao warned.

        While Da Qiao was wrestling with Xiahou Dun, Sun Quan carried the unconscious Lu Xun and ran away.

        “...You made me lose my prey...I’ll kill you first!” As Xiahou Dun roared, she tilted her spear to fling Da Qiao away, who crashed onto the ground.

        Despite the concussion, Da Qiao’s survival instinct kicked in when she sensed the incoming spear, dodging the killshot. Still, some of the flesh was cut off from her right shoulder——

        “AHH——!” Da Qiao screamed.

        “...You won’t be so lucky for the next one…”

        The grin on Xiahou Dun’s face told that Xiahou Dun was enjoying Da Qiao’s painful scream. As her bloodlust was triggered by the intense battles, she had become a total war machine.

        Meanwhile, Da Qiao barely blocked another hit from Xiahou Dun with a dagger, but the injury on her right shoulder made her defense fragile.

        “Why is she so tough despite all the injuries on her body...I can’t hold on any longer…”

        Just when the hopeless Da Qiao was about to be defeated, someone interfered to back Da Qiao.

        “Xiao Qiao!” Da Qiao was surprised.

        “Don’t you dare to hurt my sister!”

        As Xiao Qiao yelled, their united strength managed to push Xiahou Dun away.

        Gaining the upper hand, Xiao Qiao launched an intense wave of attacks at Xiahou Dun. Meanwhile, Da Qiao was assisting aside, covering up Xiao Qiao’s blind spots in the combat. Soon, they successfully turned the tide and put Xiahou Dun in a rough situation, adding even more wounds on her.

        “Damn it...Every one of you gets in Master Cao Cao’s way...I shall kill you all!” Xiahou Dun mumbled with utter hatred.

        “Cao Cao?” Tremendous rage erupted once Da Qiao heard the name.

        “So you’re the henchman of that scum...If I can’t kill Cao Cao, I’ll kill you to finish my revenge for Sun Ce! Xiao Qiao!”


        As the high-spirited Xiao Qiao responded, the siblings leapt at the same time, coming to Xiahou Dun from both sides.

        “If I’m going down, you two will go down with me!”

        Knowing that she had no chance in survival, Xiahou Dun decided to give up on defense and bet on the last strike, thrusting her spear at Da Qiao with her fatal part unprotected. Da Qiao would definitely get stabbed if she refused to fall back.

        Powered up by resentment, the fearless Da Qiao moved agilely and stabbed her dagger into Xiahou Dun’s chest before the spear hit her.

        The blood spilled from Xiahou Dun’s chest made a crimson blossom on her clothes.

        “Ah...Master Cao Cao...I’m sorry…”

        Kneeling on the ground, Xiahou Dun’s eyelids finally closed for good.

        “I killed her...Sun Ce, I did it…”

        Da Qiao’s vision gradually went from blurry to blackout.

        “Sister!” Xiao Qiao shouted, holding Da Qiao into her arms.

        “She passed out because of the massive blood loss. Gotta get her treated as soon as possible,” Sun Quan said anxiously.

        Having been observing the battle, Zhou Yu spotted the large number of casualties on the battlefield, including Sun Quan. He pondered for a while and said, “Cao Cao must have reunited with his reinforcement. With all the casualties we have, it’ll be a major disadvantage for us to fight them. We should retreat now.”

        Advised by Zhou Yu, the allied troops pulled back from the worn-torn field...